Men Talk: 10 Things Women Can Do To Actually Impress Them

The dating world can be tough, and sometimes people's actions and behaviors can be interpreted differently. Recently on an online platform, men have shared their thoughts on things women do that they don't find attractive, despite what popular culture might suggest.

1. Honesty Is the Best Policy for Attracting a Partner

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Are you playing hard to get? According to one user, there may be better approaches to attracting a potential partner. If you're interested in someone and still playing hard to get, they may see you as insincere and manipulative. Instead, the user suggests that honesty and straightforwardness about your feelings could be better. Take advantage of a potential relationship by playing games.

2. True Beauty Comes From Within, Not From Validation

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Do you constantly seek validation through social media? While it's important to have confidence and self-esteem, fishing for compliments can be a major turn-off. The second commenter believes focusing on your internal qualities rather than your external appearance could be a better approach. Calling yourself ugly while posting multiple selfies won't make you more attractive and may even have the opposite effect. Don't let your need for validation detract from your true beauty.

3. Don't Play Dumb: Embrace Your Intelligence

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Ladies, are you playing dumb to make a man feel more intelligent? According to one individual, this could be a major turn-off for many men. Pretending to be less intelligent than you are can come across as insincere and lacking in confidence. Instead of hiding your intelligence, embrace it and be proud of your abilities. Intelligence is attractive, and you may be surprised at how much it can enhance your appeal.

4. Natural Beauty Trumps Cosmetic Enhancements

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Are big fake silicone lips as attractive as you think? According to one user, natural beauty is more appealing than cosmetic enhancements. More than doing it with lip fillers can be a turn-off and may not be necessary to look beautiful. The user emphasizes that they have never been attracted to someone solely based on the size of their lips. Don't let society's beauty standards dictate your appearance – embrace your natural features and let your true beauty shine.

5. Playing Games Can Erode Trust in a Relationship

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Ladies, do you think it's attractive to make a man constantly fight for your affection? Think again. One user shares a personal experience with an ex who would flirt with other men to see if he would “fight for her.” The user found this behavior immature and unappealing. Trust is an important foundation for any relationship; playing games can erode that trust. Don't waste your time with someone who doesn't make you feel secure – value yourself and you're worth.

6. Embrace Your Natural Skin Tone: A Deep Tan May Not Be Appealing

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“Looking like an oompa loompa” may not be the attractive look some women think it is, according to one individual. While some may believe that a deep tan or bronzed complexion is appealing, some men may find this look unappealing or humorous. The user suggests that a natural skin tone can be much more attractive to some men.

7. Authenticity and Confidence Are More Attractive Than Fake Voices

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A commenter argues against using fake cutesy voices as an attractive trait, stating that it can be quite unappealing. The high-pitched, babyish voice can seem fake and disingenuous rather than innocent or adorable. Instead, they suggest authenticity and confidence are more attractive traits, encouraging women to be true to themselves.

8. Intelligence Is an Attractive Quality in a Partner

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The opinion of one individual in the thread is that pretending to be unintelligent is not attractive to men. Many men find intelligence an attractive quality in a partner, and women who deliberately dumb themselves down can be seen as unappealing. Embracing one's intelligence and engaging in intellectual conversations can be much more appealing to some men.

9. Natural-looking Nails Can Be More Appealing

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One user shared that fake long fingernails may not be as attractive as some women think. Many men need help finding long acrylic nails appealing, as they can look artificial and impractical. While some women enjoy the look and feel of fake nails, others may want to consider more natural-looking options to appeal to a wider audience.

10. Smile for the Camera: Genuine Smiles Are Better Than Exaggerated Expressions

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The final commenter shared that some men find certain facial expressions in selfies unattractive. Instead of pouting or making other exaggerated faces, the user suggests simply smiling. A genuine smile can be much more attractive and appealing than a contrived expression.

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