These Were the 10 Best Nickelodeon Shows in the 90s

Sit in a time machine and return to the nostalgic period when Nickelodeon produced some quality shows. However, the most iconic shows of the stalwart Nickelodeon aired during the 90s. This article will bring you back to the realm of technicolor images when Nickelodeon shows ruled the center of the stage.

1. Salute Your Shorts (1991-1992)

Photo Credit: Nickelodeon.

Suppose you are the type of kid who wants to avoid attending the camp every week from the comfort of your living room. Camp Anawanna is the perfect staycation for you. Salute Your Shorts is an American sitcom where a group of kids at a summer camp form friendships. During the 90s, this show made our summer best and eyes glued to the screens. 

2. Hey Dude (1989-1991)

Photo Credit: Nickelodeon.

One of the best American western comedy shows, Hey Dude, aired on Nickelodeon from July 14, 1989, to August 30, 1991. This show made it to the list because of its appealing story. Working during summer is not bad in Hey Dude. It tells the story of the owner of a dude ranch and his seasonal employees. They go through many fun moments and mishaps along the way. This show introduced some great faces like Cristine Tylor and David Lachor.

3. CatDog (1998–2005)

Photo Credit: Nickelodeon.


The struggle between cat and dog was a must-watch for children during the 1990s. Peter Hannan created this American animated series for Nickelodeon, and you know what? It was a massive hit for Nickelodeon. In this show, the conjoined siblings, one a cat and the other a dog, deal with their challenges in life. The concept of conjoined siblings may seem absurd, but it made excellent cartoons for children. 

4. The Wild Thornberrys (1998)

Photo Credit: Nickelodeon.


Nickelodeon seemed addicted to producing mega-hits during the late 1990s and early 2000s. But a few could reach the level of The Wild Thornberrys. This show follows the adventures of the Thornberry family, who document their travels worldwide. The comedy in this series was ahead of its time and caught the true essence of the on-air run.

5. The Secret World of Alex Mack (1994-1998)

Photo Credit: Nickelodeon.

In this American show, a girl named Alexandra “Alex” Mack develops powerful abilities due to an accident in a chemical factory. The story revolves around Alex, who struggles to manage her everyday life with extraordinary misadventures. Alex must keep her powers a secret from the company because they would love to discover who they doused. The Secret World of Alex Mack aired regularly as Nikeldeon’s late-night program. 

6. The Adventures of Pete & Pete (1991-1996)

Photo Credit: Nickelodeon.

This charmingly quirky show is a lo-fi sitcom about two brothers with the same name, Pete. It focuses on these brothers, who have the same name but are called Little Pete and Big Pete in the show. The story tells the experiences of these brothers and is humorous and world-weary from a kid’s point of view.

7. SpongeBob SquarePants (1999)

Photo Credit: Nickelodeon.

Some might not consider SpongeBob SquarePants a 90s cartoon because it technically aired in 1999. Still, it qualified for the list. A yellow, annoying yet loveable and optimistic SpongeBob SquarePants faces life's challenges. Sponge, who lives underwater, works at a fast-food restaurant. This critically acclaimed series gained popularity in its second season. The show's long-lasting popularity has inspired the creation of many films based on its storyline. 

8. KaBlam! (1996 – 2000)

Photo Credit: Nickelodeon.

KaBlam was a famous American children's animated sketch series on Nickelodeon. This show featured several trendy shorts, including “Life with Loopy,” “The Off-Beats,” and “Action League Now!” Each short showcased a variety of animated styles and possibilities. The show ran for four seasons, and it's no wonder this show holds a special place in the hearts of many.

9. Hey Arnold! (1996 – 2004)

Photo Credit: Nickelodeon.

Hey Arnold! is the story of a fourth-grader who lives in a multiracial boarding house with his grandparents. It was an emotional series for kids and adults, touching on bullying and the trauma of having a tough home life. While maintaining a kids-friendly atmosphere, it beautifully shows the harsh realities of life. This old Nickelodeon show's characters come from every background, catering to the needs of almost every viewer. 

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10. Rugrats (1991 – 2004)

Photo Credit: Nickelodeon.

Nobody could have thought cartoons could tell profound stories. See in the case of Rugrats focuses on the problematic aspects of life, like the death of the mother, premature birth, and step-parents, while maintaining a digestible atmosphere. Showing these challenges “cartoonishly” allows the kids to process these concepts in a way that makes sense to them and will help them in the future.  

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