These 10 Audiobooks Are So Good, You’ll Want to Take a Long Drive

You may be one of those who is always obsessed with listening to audiobooks. The taste of each person can vary from each other prominently. But no one can deny the book's excellence if its plot is well crafted. To save time selecting the perfect audiobook, below are the top audiobooks that every listener can enjoy.

1. Stephen King 11/22/63

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Everyone starts getting goosebumps when some emergency is going to occur in the country. This emergency becomes more disastrous when it relates to the death of a prominent political personality. Stephen King on 11/22/63 can put you in this critical situation by telling the story of a traveler who will try to save the life of the United States president. Stephen King wrote this science fiction novel, which you can listen to at Audible or buy from Amazon.

2. Dresden Files

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You will find everyone curious when you start a discussion about supernatural activities. Dresden Files is a mysterious and detective genre-based novel. The audiobook is full of detective fiction, which will involve you deeply in its story. It revolves around the investigations of supernatural phenomena in a city. Enjoy its mystery on online sites or order from trustworthy platforms.

3. Lock In

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Imagine how you would feel if you could not move or respond even if you were fully awake. Lock In is an audiobook depicting the spread of the viral infection, which put people in a weird situation. The author, John Scalzi, also explains a Lock In Syndrome disease in this science fiction novel. You will not face any problem getting this audiobook as it is available online.

4. The Expanse

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It is not a single novel. The complete series of ‘The Expanse' consists of nine science fiction novels. Each of them depicts unique, entertaining plots based on solar systems. Go with this series if you always look for the universe's stars, planets, and other creations. James S. A. Corey has amazingly plotted it, which will force you to listen to it in your free time. Visit Amazon or to get it.

5. 14

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This Peter Clines novel revolves around Nate Tucker. At 14, Nate buys an apartment at low rates. But then he came to know the mysterious reasons for the low rates of his apartment. The colony of seven-legged cockroaches around his apartment put him in a complex situation. You can easily get this science fiction novel online.

6. Jurassic Park

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How thrilling it will be if someone tells you about the chance of meeting a dinosaur. Jurassic Park, written by Michael Crichton, is a science fiction novel. Its plot revolves around people's attempt to produce a park that will be themed around dinosaurs. The audiobook will make you realize the risks of this disastrous decision. Get this audiobook from Amazon or enjoy it directly from online platforms.

7. The Murderbot Diaries

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Full of science fiction and an exciting plot, The Murderbot Diaries will entangle you between emotions and inventions. This series is about the creation, which is partially robotic and partially human. Produced as a security unit, this invention started developing emotions that hindered its functioning. If you would like to know more about this Martha Wells series, go get it online.

8. Hyperion

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In this audiobook, you will learn about the diversity like people. In addition to hard-boiled detectives, there will also be familial, religious, and poetic stories. American author Dan Simmons has written this novel interestingly. It can be a perfect combo for you if you love listening to soft science fiction novels. You can easily get its audiobook for free from several online platforms, such as YouTube.

9. Discworld

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It is one of the best comic fantasy audiobooks. Its author, Terry Pratchett, has fantasized about a flat planet set on the backs of four elephants. You will notice that the writer has raised many political, scientific, and social issues in this novel. There are several online websites which are offering Discworld audiobooks to help you get true entertainment.

10. The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August

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The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August is a science fiction and fantasy-based novel written by Claire North. While listening to its audiobook, you will learn about Harry August, who was destined to be reborn several times. August's memory, which makes him recall all past experiences, adds another twist to the story. You can easily get it from Amazon and many other free sites, mainly

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