Ready to Make $100,000: 10 Low Barrier, High Pay Jobs

Have you ever considered a simple way to turn your hard work into easy cash? This idea stands out for those looking for a unique path to financial success in a world full of opportunities. Imagine a journey where your passion meets opportunity, resulting in hard work and a smart hustle. Let me introduce you to the following jobs where your hustle writes your paycheck.

1. Union Constructor

construction worker.
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This is one of the highly paid jobs with no academic requirements. That allows you to generate a paycheck of $85 to $1200 and a maximum of $200k. One of the engineers stated that he worked for an industrial construction company and found that many skilled union workers made twice his salary. So it's a go-to job. You need to have all your ears on it.

2. Fish Cannery

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Fish cannery is a seasonal job. Stinky and messy as well at the same time. Experienced users have suggested that If you are not the type of person who can perform grueling jobs, this job is not the best option for you. But you can generate a massive income out of it: $29k. Now, it's up to you to decide whether to give it a try or not.

3. Freelance 3D Animator

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For this particular job, all you need is an internet connection. Animators can showcase their craftsmanship via mobile phone, PC, or gaming PC for better results. So here, the most important question is where to get the skills. A seasoned freelancer answered that learners can easily find free online tutorials, and with the practice of only two months, you are good to go to make your first income. In this tech era, companies are always desperate to hire freelancers for various purposes. Why not cash the situation, then?

4. Validation Technician

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This job allows you to study various pharmaceutical equipment, which includes freezers, incubators, autoclaves, etc. All an individual needs is basic science skills and patience. Users believe that Technicians can start with $1633k as a salary package, which can be increased based on their experience.

5. Industrial Pipe Insulator

Plumber fixing leak under kitchen sink
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That's a job fit for individuals with even grade second education, as said by a commenter. The job requires you to install or replace insulation around piping and other mechanical equipment. Voila, there are no other job requirements for you to stress on.

6. Catastrophe Insurance Adjuster

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Numerous users believe that All it takes to get your hands on this job is to get your adjuster's license. It's a 40-hour course, and interested candidates can find a job making $75,000 starting. Paychecks can get to 6 figures pretty quickly, but the only drawback of this job is you will be traveling eight months out of the year. Thus, this job listing is perfect if you are a bachelor or a highly extroverted individual.

7. Crane Operator

Ship with Cranes
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Crane operators are offered good money, but it can be stressful. What doubles the stress is that the job is more risky than the above. People get hurt or killed. A reviewer wrote that if you found yourself being a crane operator, you need to be willing to tell the boss that something is too dangerous and you're not doing it until it is re-planned. 

8. Kitchen Designer

Woman Pouring Tea from Kettle in Kitchen
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Kitchen designing is a fun job, isn't it? Well, there is no such requirement for this job, and all you need is someone to hire and train you. A designer mentioned that you could earn up to $100k per year, and, above all, it's a fun job. He suggests that anyone should try it if they are good at designing.

9. Operator at Chemical Plant or Refinery

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It's a bachelor's job, and for obvious reasons, you can't work double shifts if you have a family. A worker emphasized that he loved his job before he got a family. Now, it's tough being away from them that much. However, you can pursue this job because it also doesn't have any requirements. What doubles the charm is that you can make $120k-$200k.

10. Salesman

Three businessmen sitting at a table negotiating and signing a contract.
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All it takes to ace as a salesman is to be persuasive. Anyone willing to enter this field must master the skill of convincing others. This is the best job for anyone if they are extroverted or talkative. Being a salesman is hard for introverts for obvious reasons. They'll end up frustrated. A user stated that you can generate a massive income in this field, and you only need to convince people to buy the stuff you are selling. You may term it as a game of words.

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