10 College Majors That Are A Waste Of Time

Our education system is basically a foreground to create future manpower. These people will work in different fields to add value. A few college majors are dealing with challenges regarding their alignment in the job market. The job landscape is evolving along with the continuous evolution of the world. Here are a few college majors that are practically unaligned with today’s job market:

1. Classical Languages and Literature

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The priorities of education are changing. Those majors are now in focus that can change world dynamics. The STEM subjects have become more trendy. They include Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It has created over-saturation in the job market for literature students as more STEM majors are in demand. Therefore, the opportunities are lesser in this field than in advanced majors.

2. Interior Design

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With the shift of word trends, interior designing has also gone out of scope. It is not something that people don’t want to decorate their houses. But it’s the social advancement that has reduced the need for interior designers. The DIY (do it yourself) culture has made it easy for everyone. It has reduced the need and scope of professions for interior designers.

3. Journalism

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Journalism was a strong and powerful major in the past. But now, Journalism is experiencing a decline in the job market. As the internet and digital media emerge, the traditional Journalism industry changes its dynamics. Social media reporting has decreased the need for conventional journalist reporting. Therefore, choosing journalism as a major will be a mistake.

4. Cultural Studies

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The world has become a global village. This is the time of social media, where you can find cultures from all over the world. People are presenting their own culture from their unique content. It has declined the need to study culture and present it in front of the world. Cultural Studies now have little to no scope.

5. Drama and Theater Arts

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With the advancement of cinema and Hollywood trends, theaters have significantly declined. In the past, when there were no cinemas and blockbuster movies, drama and theater were quite in trend. But now the acting industry is over-saturated, and the theater has less budget. Along with this, the advancement in STEM has altered the attention of drama and theater.

6. Art History

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Like many other majors, Art History students face challenges in the job market. The social dynamics have changed from arts to technology. People who love arts are now fewer than those in the past. It also lacks funding which results in the constriction of job posts. Thus the job landscape hasn’t much to give to an Art History degree holder.

7. Sociology

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Sociology offers a broad understanding of society and human behavior. But the issue that comes with this major is that it does not provide a specialization degree. On the other hand, other behavioral sciences, such as psychology, overlap with sociology. It leads to fewer job posts in the market for sociology students.

8. Gender Studies

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Currently, the job market is out of touch for gender studies. The reason is quite simple. Gender Studies does not have a clear pathway. When students graduate in gender studies, they don’t know what to choose next. Along with this, the job demands for such professionals are pretty low. Meanwhile, the market is over-saturated with Gender studies degree holders.

9. Political Sciences

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Studying different countries’ politics and strategies can help a person understand politics. They can study it to enter government establishments and lawmakers. But it is out of touch for the job landscape for market over-saturation. The countries are full of people who already are a part of politics. It is not an excellent choice to choose as a college major for lack of training and job outsourcing.

10. Fine Arts

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Students opt for fine arts for aesthetic value and artistic expression. It has many forms, such as painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, music, dance, theater, film, and more. It was undoubtedly the best field to adopt in the past. But as the fine arts job opportunities decline, trends have also reduced. People face issues such as a lack of funding and job posts for fine arts.

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