10 Reasons Millennials Don’t Want To Have Kids

1. Cost, Responsibility, and Genetic Doubts

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One passionate individual listed several reasons why they are debating having kids. First, they cited financial issues because raising a child may be fairly expensive. The burden of responsibility of becoming a parent was also brought up. Finally, they questioned the usefulness of passing on their genes to subsequent generations since they lacked faith in their own genetics.

2. Struggles of Parenthood: Love and Self-doubt

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Another perceptive contributor bravely revealed the inner struggle of uncertainty regarding the prospect of having or raising children. They acknowledged that they lacked faith in their capacity to constantly provide for and treat a child with the love and consideration they merit. This sense of personal obligation and responsibility significantly influenced their reluctance to have children.

3. Fear of Tantrums: Public Parenting Nightmares

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The mere prospect of handling a child's temper tantrum in public was enough to make this person leery of fatherhood. They described a day at the grocery store and saw a child lose it because they couldn't get an item they wanted, along with the commotion and commotion that followed. They were very put off by the prospect of dealing with similar scenarios on a regular basis.

4. Parenthood Obstacles: Mental Health and Finances

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The fourth commenter identified their mental health and financial condition as the main obstacles to starting a family. The user admitted they didn't want to expose a child to the same upbringing they had and didn't feel emotionally or financially prepared to raise a child in the manner they thought was required. Given their situation, they thought having children was an overwhelming and uncontrollable duty.

5. Self-Care vs. Parenthood: Goals and Worldview

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The thought that one can hardly care for oneself, let alone another human being, is one of the dreadful things that, according to one user, makes people not want to have children. They believe that having a kid would prevent them from doing many of the things they still want to achieve in life. They also see the world in a negative light and don't wish to breathe new life into it. They don't want to take the chance because raising a child in an uncertain world is difficult.

6. Choosing Not to Procreate: Life's Suffering and Adoption

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People choose not to have kids because they believe that life is full of suffering, which has convinced them not to procreate. They said adoption could be an option for them in the future, but only if they were financially secure.

7. Unsettling Pressure: Not Wanting Kids From Start

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The person claimed that having children was never something they wanted. They never showed any interest in playing with baby dolls as a child or becoming a nanny as a teenager. When someone says “when you have kids” rather than “if you have kids,” they find it unsettling.

8. Genetic Worries: Mental Illness and Pain

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A commenter replied they were reluctant to have children owing to the risk of passing on genetic conditions like mental illness or chronic pain. They do not want to put their kids in a situation where they will have to face the same challenges that they have. Thus they are concerned about it.

9. Freedom and Happiness: Personal Interests

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Imagine having the freedom to spend your time and hard-earned money on activities that make you truly happy. That's what this person values most, and that's precisely why they're not interested in having children. They believe that having children would limit their ability to pursue their interests.

10. Adoption Over Parenthood: Changing Lives

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A passionate user's voice echoed, refusing to bring new life into a world due to their own experiences. They would rather adopt a child who is in a challenging position. The commentator expressed concern for the numerous youngsters that are subjected to maltreatment and malnutrition. Instead of having another kid, they think it would be better to save a child who is currently struggling.

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