Relationship Realities: Should You Marriage at 21

Early adulthood is a phase where an individual's cerebrum develops improved critical thinking skills and social and emotional development. Our intellect continues to increase throughout the mid and late 20s. Still, people are generally considered emotionally mature and capable of forming complex social relationships with others in the late adolescent period.

Monetary Security

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Financial stability allows couples to adapt to unexpected changes in monthly financial duties, including costly medical bills, regressing economics, or job loss. It adds reassurance in a marriage's life-long commitment and provides peace of mind to spouses, knowing they can navigate through their marriage's ups and downs without worrying about income.

Personality Growth and Individualism

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Young adults are likely to go through massive changes in their ideologies. The alterations may cause hurdles in marriage and limit a person's journey to self-exploration. From an individual's view, entering a lifelong commitment immediately after entering adulthood is not worth it. Identical political, religious, and philosophical views play a major role in holding marriages together.

Lack of Experience

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At the ripe age of 21, many students have just jumped out of their full-time education commitment and are still finding ways to settle in the flux. Their lack of experience could make handling disputes within matrimonial bonds challenging. A commentator jokes that one should marry at 21 if they are not in a hurry but halt the marriage if they're in a hurry.

Educational Pursuits

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Many people prefer continuing education after 21, which may cause difficulties in balancing both marital responsibilities and the emotional stress that comes with it. Moreover, with only a high school or college degree, one cannot guarantee a steady income and career to help with finances in a marriage.

Divorce Rates

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Studies have shown higher divorce rates in young couples. It is advised to wait till 25 as it's the age when your frontal cortex is further matured and evolved. Lack of pre-marital counseling and lack of relationship experience are a common addition to this cause. Differences in family backgrounds may cause tensions in marriages, especially if the couple hasn't talked through it.

Social Networks and Emotional Support

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Friends and mentors within one's circle are valuable when it comes to seeking guidance from a third-person perspective; they can act as a means of solace in emotional turmoil. Diverse social networks can be a part of celebrating marriage milestones together, enriching your experiences, and acting as mediators when resolving conflicts.

Missing on Life's Adventures

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It is advised for individuals to go through various destinations alone solely to understand the world better. Marrying young may inhibit one from embracing life's richness and taking on individual routes to destinations.


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Marriages come with great commitments and conjugal responsibilities that early adults might not be able to take on, e.g., spouse duties, house chores, effective nonverbal communication, expressing emotions honestly, and solving conflicts.

Societal influence or Cultural Expectations

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Societal pressure that comes from cultural or traditional expectations such as gender roles, family planning, career choices, and free will in bodily autonomy might cause conflicts if they do not align with individual personal goals and values. At the given age, people are inexperienced at solving clashing standpoints. Many individuals may feel coerced into thinking that their partner is the right person for them or that it is the right age for marriage, therefore clouding their ability to judge situations fairly.

Resilience and Self-Assurance

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The ability to withstand differing opinions and criticism from the public improves as a person ages. At an older age, a person is confident and emotionally mature so as to not waver from others' opinions of them. A viewer pointed out an outstanding perspective, saying that the fact that the questioner needed to ask the public's opinion showed their understanding of the world. Strong marriages can grow back from conflicts and build upon healthy mutual understanding of one another.

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