20 Surprising Secrets Lovers Kept From Their Other Half Until Confronted

In any relationship, there are bound to be secrets that partners keep from each other. Sometimes, these secrets can be small and harmless, while others can have significant consequences. Recently on an online platform, people have shared stories of how they discovered terrible things their partners had been keeping from them until later in the relationship. 

1. Haircut and a Date

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A college student once needed a haircut but had no money to pay for one. So, he wandered around the dorms asking if anyone could help him. A cute girl overheard him and offered to give him a haircut. Afterward, she asked if he wanted to go to Steak & Shake with her. He agreed, and little did he know that this encounter would lead to a 13-year-long marriage. However, two years into the relationship, the girl revealed a shocking secret to her partner. She confessed that she had no idea how to cut hair but wanted an excuse to hang out with him. 

2. Hidden Grief

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Can you imagine discovering that your partner kept a heartbreaking secret from you for two years? Well, that's exactly what happened to one person when they discovered their girlfriend's painful truth. It all came out one day when they found her in tears on the couch. She finally revealed that her sister had passed away and that her mother had been abusive to both of them. Keeping such a heavy secret was a burden that weighed heavily on her, but thankfully her partner was there to support her through it all.

3. Living with the Ex's Family

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Secrets can strain relationships, as a particular user found out when their ex-girlfriend kept a crucial detail from them for months. At first, it didn't seem like a big deal that her godparents were actually her ex-boyfriend's parents. But things got complicated when he moved back in, and tensions rose. It's tough when the truth finally comes out, especially when it could have easily been shared from the beginning.

4. The Magician

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You never know what secrets your partner might be hiding, as an individual discovered after being with their significant other for thirteen years. It all started when their partner surprised them with an incredible magic trick, flawlessly executed with a deck of cards. It was amazing, but then he never did another trick again. The user wondered why their partner had kept this amazing talent a secret for so long.

5. Candy Hiding

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Sometimes, secrets can be as sweet as candy, a commenter found out when they discovered their partner's stash of sweets in the car. It wasn't a major secret, but it was certainly a delightful surprise. It turned out that their partner had been hiding the candy because they enjoyed indulging in treats occasionally, while the user tended to devour whole bags of gummy bears. It's funny how little secrets like this can make us appreciate our partners even more.

6. The One-Eyed Girlfriend

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Relationships can be full of surprises like the one faithful user who discovered their girlfriend was blind in one eye. They had always thought that her hair sweeping over her eye was just a fashion choice, but it hid a deeper truth. It must have taken a lot for her to keep that secret from her partner, but thankfully their love remained strong despite the revelation.

7. No Sheets, No Sleep

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It was a shock to one individual when their partner finally confessed to a secret they had kept for years. It turned out that the partner detested sheets and had been avoiding them for years, finding them suffocating and restrictive. The revelation surprised their significant other, who knew nothing about this curious idiosyncrasy.

8. Secret Marriage

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A commenter dropped a bombshell about their partner's past. Apparently, the partner had entered into a sham marriage solely for a green card, unbeknownst to them. The user has kept this information close to their chest, much to the oblivious partner's unawareness.

9. Slimy Phobia

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Nearly 13 years of marriage, and there was still room for surprises. While on a leisurely stroll, someone was caught off guard when their spouse unexpectedly darted away from a snail on the ground. Only then did the partner confide their fear of these slimy creatures, a lifelong phobia they had never disclosed. The user was amused and touched that there were still facets of their partner left to explore.

10. Smokin' Secrets

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Keeping a secret from a loved one can be a heavy burden, as a savvy user discovered when they kept their smoking habit under wraps from their partner. They cherished their relationship and didn't want to risk losing it, so they decided to quit smoking, finally coming clean to their significant other.

11. Sandwich Slicing Secrets: A Teasing Tale

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It took a die-hard sandwich lover four long years to discover that their spouse hated the idea of slicing their sandwiches in half. Although the truth was finally revealed, the partner still enjoys teasing them about it, leaving the sandwich lover feeling like they might never live it down.

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12. Admiration vs. Acceptance: A Heartbreaking Revelation

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In a tale of heartache, an individual poured out their anguish over a secret their partner had concealed until much later in the relationship. The shocking truth emerged that their beloved actually admired the potential person they could become rather than fully embracing who they were at the present moment. The weight of this admission inflicted deep wounds, implying that the individual was somehow inadequate in the eyes of their partner.

13. Sleep-talk and Flatulence: Surprising Secrets

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With sheer adoration in their voice, an enamored admirer spilled the beans about their partner's well-kept secrets, which took a surprising seven months to unveil. First and foremost, the sweet serenade of snores and sleep-talk that greeted them on their initial night together. However, it wasn't until the passing of many moons that the truth was unmasked. And secondly, the admirer confessed that the elusive power of their partner's flatulence never failed to tickle their funny bone. Despite these unexpected revelations, the admirer declared their unwavering intent to propose, undeterred by the surprises life throws their way.

14. Love and Bipolar Medication: A Journey to North Carolina

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A resilient New Yorker bared their soul, recounting a tale of a former flame who hid their bipolar medication. Together, they embarked on a journey from the bustling streets of New York to the serene landscapes of North Carolina, building a life under one roof. However, the delicate balance crumbled when the girlfriend abruptly ceased her medication and relinquished her job, leaving the burden of sole breadwinning on the narrator's shoulders. The weight of the situation grew unbearable, leading to the eventual dissolution of their relationship one month later. This emotionally charged experience left an indelible mark, particularly since it was the individual's first foray into a long-term commitment.

15. Pretending To Be a Fan: A Confession of a Sports Aficionado

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Deep within the heart of a passionate sports enthusiast lies a carefully guarded secret concealed from their beloved partner. The enthusiast revealed they didn't like soccer (or football) to their now-wife. When they first met, the wife noticed that the fan wore two soccer jerseys and assumed they were a fan. The fan tried to play along and pretended to be a soccer fan to impress her. However, the truth came out when the fan didn't know what World Cup was and that it was currently on. The fans now try to watch it with their wife and cheer for her team, even though they're not a true fan.

16. Financial Hurdles in Love: Confronting Student Loan Debt

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It was a bombshell revelation for the unsuspecting fiancé when they learned about their partner's extensive student loan debt after getting engaged. The couple had to confront this significant financial hurdle together, not knowing whether the information was intentionally concealed or never discussed.

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17. Love and Wealth: Meeting a Farmer's Family

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After dating a farmer for five months, a Redditor's friend was eager to meet his family and visit his town. However, the farmer was hesitant due to past experiences of being taken advantage of because of his wealth. It took a year, but the girlfriend was finally introduced to his family and their grand estate, which included 15 farms and a palatial mansion. Despite feeling intimidated, the girlfriend consciously tried to maintain her independence and not rely solely on the farmer's affluence.

18. Hidden Violence: A Shocking Discovery in Marriage

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The commenter bravely shared a personal story about discovering their partner's violent tendencies after marriage. Despite previous disagreements that were always resolved, the partner's behavior changed dramatically after the wedding. In a fit of anger, the partner caused damage to the apartment and revealed that they had been suppressing their true self until they felt safe to let it out. The commenter understandably felt uneasy about disagreeing with their partner from that point on and ultimately decided to end the marriage.

19. The Secret of Jimmy Eat World: A Mystery in Love

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Imagine being with someone for three years and still not knowing their secret reason for avoiding a certain band! That's what one user shared, revealing that their girlfriend had been keeping a secret from them for three years – the reason why she can't listen to Jimmy Eat World. Despite being together for such a long time, the girlfriend has kept this hidden, and the user is still none the wiser. It remains a mystery, and it may continue to be.

20. Dark Family Secrets: A Revelation in Love

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In a shocking revelation, a Redditor disclosed that their partner had hidden a dark family secret for some time. The partner's father was a member of the KKK with the ominous title of “Red Dragon,” and this was part of the reason why the partner was initially hesitant to introduce the Redditor to their family. The disclosure left the Redditor reeling, wondering why their partner had kept such crucial information from them until later in the relationship.

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