10 Celebrities Most People Love

The entertainment industry is full of celebrities and movie stars with a huge fan following. Those celebrities have created so many admirers who admire their work and charm. Many celebrities have a massive fan following. They seem irresistible to almost everyone. Here are a few stars who attract many with their charisma, except a few.

1. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift
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Tylor Swift, one of the most talented musicians of this era, is an asset to the industry. She has a huge fanbase worldwide. Tylor has touched many hearts with her songs and magical voice. Despite being loved so much, Tylor faces criticism and hate for songwriting. People hate her for her controversial statement. She has told the media several times that she has written songs about her ex-lovers. 

2. Jennifer Lawrence

No Hard Feelings Jennifer Lawrence
Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Releasing.

Jennifer Lawrence is a famous actor and a charismatic beauty. People love her, and she has a worldwide fan following. But her hate club has grown more prominent with time. People hate her for her controversial political reviews and her supremacy. Her self-victimized persona is another thing that makes people hate her. 

3. Tom Hanks

A Man Called Otto Tom Hanks
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Famous for his work in the animated movie series Toy Story, Tom Hanks is the most beloved actor. Worldwide lovers of Toy Story love him for his role as Sheriff. He faces haters along with admirers. His excellent portrayal of an evil character in The Circle gained him a few haters. They hate him for his wrong impression in the film.

4. Zendaya

Image Credit: Brenden Thorne.

A multitalented celebrity, Zendeya is famous for her acting, singing, and dancing skills. She did two extremely opposite roles at the beginning of her acting career and got two awards for her acting skills. There are many lovers, but Zendaya also faces a considerable hate group. People hate her for the controversies regarding sexism and racism. People think that she promotes this discrimination.

5. Emma Watson

Noah Emma Watson
Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Harry Potter is one of the biggest successes of Hollywood. It has worldwide lovers who praise every actor in the movie series. Emma Watson is famous for her role as Hermoine Granger in Harry Potter. She is the most beloved actor worldwide. But Emma still has many haters. The reason for her hate groups is her success from such a young age that many others envy her.

6. Beyoncé

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A gifted musician, Beyonce, has done many fantastic songs for the music industry. People love her for her voice and her art of singing. But along with love, she gets colossal hate from the public. People hate her for the controversies about her that she is a man-hater. Besides, she also gets criticized for the statement she lip sync. 

7. Ryan Reynolds

Criminal Ryan Renolds
Photo Credit: Lionsgate.

Ryan is one of the most talented actors with a most amicable personality. He has a huge fan following. But Ryan also keeps getting hate from the viewers for his characters. Some people consider him overrated. At the same time, others consider him a national treasure. He has done a few sarcastic and snarky characters. It makes the viewers think that he is a terrible person or so. 

8. Chris Hemsworth

Limitless Chris Hemsworth
Photo Credit: National Geographic.

Chris Hemsworth has played one of the most famous Marvel superheroes, Thor. He is recognized worldwide for the super fantastic portrayal of Thor. But along with this, he faces many haters for his controversial statements. He gave a few negative comments about Marvel productions. He also called Thor’s character “Super Depressing,” stirring feelings of hate in many Marvel fans. 

9. Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber is the most talented musician who has been roasting since a very young age. His voice has a magic that can touch your heart. He has such a huge fan following and, at the same time, has a vast haters group. He is notorious for his controversial relationship with Hailey Bieber and former girlfriend, Salena Gomez. Salena’s worldwide fans hate him so much that it has a prominent effect.

10. Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman 1984 Gal Gadot
Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures.

If you have watched Wonder Woman, you might be aware of Gal Gadot’s talent and mesmerizing beauty. She is a highly talented actor who has captured the hearts of many viewers. Still, she faces hate comments and dislike for her acting skills and performances.

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

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