10 Things Men Deal With That Women Find Hard to Get

There are many things the males have to deal with that females wouldn't understand and vice versa. So, whether it be not being able to express themselves or their physical appearance, these men spoke up to bring some awareness.

1. Being an Unwilling Absent Father

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This user shares a heartbreak his uncle went through recently. Not knowing you had a choice seems unfair. Maybe she had her reasons for not telling him, but it seems sad to know your life could have been way different, but the decision was taken from you.

The user said, “My uncle is in his 70s and never had kids of his own until a woman in her forties contacted him saying she was his daughter. She was put up for adoption when she was born, and the mother never told him. I feel for him because he missed out on being a part of her life and watching her grow up. Had he known about her, he definitely would've raised her himself

2. Walking Behind a Woman

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A person can never be too careful. But something as trivial as walking down the street should not have to be so scary for a woman, but these men understand why it is and go out of their way to try to ease a woman's mind.

This user explained, “I'm not a big guy by any stretch of the imagination, but if I find myself in this situation, especially if it's a woman walking alone at night. I usually speed up and walk past her at a safe distance, then keep walking briskly without turning around.”

“It sucks, but I can understand why women may get anxious in these situations. But, on the other hand, being visibly ahead and not paying attention to whatever she is doing makes her feel safer than if I stayed behind. At least she knows I'm not silently sneaking up on her.”

3. Questioning My Parenting

Worried Man with Child in background
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Seeing a man and a little girl together should not be unsettling for people. But some want to ensure the child is ok and knows the man they are with. This must be frustrating to a father trying to spend time with their children.

One man explained, “I have two wonderful daughters; Twins. When they were little kids (3-5), and now in their early teens, I got the occasional mother randomly striking up a conversation with the kid while we were in public. This will be when it's just us; Mom and sister are not there. I can sense the path it'll take quickly.”

4. You Don't Babysit Your Own Child

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Speaking of fathers, this user explained that a father never babysits their children. It's still parenting, even when the father cares for them.

He explained, “When my wife isn't home, or I'm out with my two-year-old solo, and people say “oh, you're stuck babysitting??” No, this is my child. I'm parenting. You don't babysit your own kid. The incompetent, helpless father stereotype must die a painful death.”

5. Profiling

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Interacting with people who are afraid of you by default must be difficult. When you're a sizeable masculine-looking man, who's alone and informally dressed, people watch your behavior closely for anything to confirm their fearful suspicions.

One man said, “Having the cops called on you because some old lady is worried you're waiting to strangle her and her dog just because you're standing around waiting for a friend sucks.”

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6. We Still Love Kids Too

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Kids are joyous and innocent and can be fun to interact with. So no one thinks twice when a woman interacts with your cute baby and wants to tickle their feet. But this man feels he is not allowed as he will come off as a predator.

He confirmed, “I love kids and have no bad intentions ever, but society and parents automatically assume I'm either trying to kidnap or have other bad intentions when I just look at a kid.”

7. We're Not Always in the Mood

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Men feel they can't turn down an advance because it may imply something is wrong. One user stated, “Being expected to always be in the mood or something is wrong, or I don't find you attractive or don't love you anymore. Sometimes we aren't “ready” either and have other things on our mind, like sports.”

8. We Have Anxiety and Fears Too

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Men have said they can't express their fears and anxieties without being ridiculed or called feminine. They are told to “man up” or stop complaining and being negative. But men want to express themselves and have someone listen to them.

One man replied, “you're supposed to take those feelings, crumple them down into a ball, shove them deep where nobody can see them, and let them fester and rot, and eventually, you can release them by getting irrationally angry at a video game or sporting event.”

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9. Making the First Move

Couple on a date at cafe.
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No one likes being rejected, but men are expected to be the ones to put themselves in the vulnerable position of directly facing rejection. One user tries to explain it's not that women don't make a move. However, their idea of making a move isn't straightforward, and men wonder if that's the intention.

He said, “A woman's way of making a move is to do so in a way that leaves her an out and leaves plausible deniability in case it doesn't go her way. But unfortunately, most women think that making a move is trying to tell him it's ok to approach her. That's not making a move. That's playing defensive to force the decision on him.”

10. Being Short

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We live in an age where men are expected to be taller than a woman he dates. This can cause issues for a shorter man who does date a taller woman because he opens himself up for being the joke where ever he goes.

One man said, “being constantly reminded that my height isn't “good enough” for casual standards, even just as a passing joke, is incredibly detrimental to my self-esteem.”

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