10 Signs That a Movie is Going To Suck

There are warning signs that a movie is going to suck.

1. Unveiling Forced Exposition: A Warning Sign in Movies

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When compelled character display pushes the plot forward, an astute observer senses a cautionary omen in movies. They express their dissatisfaction with this approach, asserting that it often signifies a deficiency in organic storytelling, which can hinder the film's overall quality.

2. A Decade in Turmoil: The Troubled Journey of “Chaos Walking”

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A recent example where a movie's long production odyssey raises concerns is “Chaos Walking,” as highlighted by a fan. They emphasize that the film experienced numerous changes in terms of screenwriters, directors, and production companies over 10 years. Despite its association with acclaimed writer Charlie Kaufman and the inclusion of popular actors Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland, the prolonged production and multiple reshoots have left the cinephile skeptical.

3. Snack Break Syndrome: When Movies Fail To Engage

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Sharing a personal encounter, a cinema enthusiast discloses their tendency to seek tasty snacks just minutes into a movie due to a lack of engagement. They consider this a definitive indicator that the film fails to captivate and hold their attention.

4. Jennifer Lopez and Weddings: A Cliché Combination in Movies

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An exemplary signal for a potentially ill-fated movie is raised by a cineaste regarding the presence of Jennifer Lopez in a wedding-themed plot. While Jennifer Lopez has triumphantly portrayed various roles in films, the cineaste regards her involvement in a matrimonial-centric movie as a red flag. They share that this indicates a shortage of originality and innovative storytelling.

5. The Modernization Trap: Beware of Movies “Updated for Audiences”

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The claim of a movie being “reimagined for contemporary audiences” is met with skepticism by a movie aficionado. The comment implies that such a marketing scheme may indicate a lack of creativity or an attempt to capitalize on trends, potentially resulting in a disillusioning movie experience.

6. Aging Actors in Familiar Roles: When Comedy Becomes Predictable

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When a legendary performer is cast as a patriarch or grandee in a comedy film, a cinephile expresses criticism. They subtly imply the predictability of such roles and question whether this casting choice adds any new dimensions to the movie.

7. Lost in Time and Place: The Absence of Establishing Shots

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The significance of a proper establishing shot in a film and the need for clarity regarding the time and chronology is emphasized by another cineaste. They express frustration when this key element is neglected, leading to confusion and detracting from the overall viewing experience.

8. Adaptation Alarm: When Changes Signal a Lack of Understanding

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A movie enthusiast becomes cautious when the director or studio openly discusses substantial alterations made in a movie adaptation. This shows a potential lack of understanding of the audience's expectations or the source material. The user suggests that a lack of alignment between the artistic vision and the audience's desires can contribute to the failure of a movie.

9. Risky Stunts and Senior Citizens: Challenging Realism in Film

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A movie buff raises concerns about casting senior actors in physically demanding roles typically suited for much younger individuals. Their age and physical capability disparity can compromise the authenticity and credibility of action sequences, potentially diminishing the overall movie experience.

10. The Franchise Fatigue: Seeking Originality Beyond the Rehash

Mean Girls 2 (2011)
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Expressing doubt, a film connoisseur criticizes movies that fall into various derivative categories, such as reinterpretations, reinventions, continuances, origins, offshoots, adaptations, amalgamations, or any form of franchise-based work. The prevalence of these projects is condemned as mere profit-seeking ventures lacking artistic merit, originality, and creativity.

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