10 Words Not Many Spell Wrong Every Time

They say that making mistakes is human and correcting those errors is divine. Language is, without any doubt, an expression of self. But every language has a few words that may seem so easy to pronounce. But those are as difficult to spell as they are easy to speak. Now, I'll discuss a few words that almost no one can seem to have ever spelled correctly.

1. License

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Common misspellings: licence, lisence

People often confuse the “c” and “s” in the word license. The two same sounds in the words make it difficult to guess the right letter correctly. As a result, people switch the letter or use “c” instead of an “s.” In British English, the spelling change as “license” is used for verbs while “licence” is used as a noun. But in American English, the word is spelled License both ways.

2. Accommodate

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Common misspellings: acommodate, accomodate

This is the most common word that is often misspelled. People confuse the “c” s and “m” s of the word. They either miss a “c” or an “m” from the word, making the spelling wrong. The trick is to remember there are two “cc” and “mm” in the word.

3. Maintenance

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Common misspelling: Maintainance, Maintanance

People confuse the word with the word “maintain.” They may want to add “ance” as a suffix to this word. But there is a difference as the word has “ten” in it. An expert has shared an easy way to remember the spellings. You say that you have to do it ten times for proper maintenance.

4. Acquire

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Common misspelling: aquire

The “c” in the word is the most confusing letter many people miss. The “q” after the “c” makes the same sound. That is the main reason people miss the “c” letter from the word. 

5. Definitely

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Common misspelling: definately 

People confuse this word due to the phonic sound of the word. Using “finitely” and “finately” sounds the same. It is also confused with the suffix “ately” at the end. It confuses the “a” with “i”. 

6. Separate

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Common misspelling: Seperate, Saparte

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The word becomes hard to spell with the “a” s and “e” s. People confuse both letters with each other and switch their places. The most common mistake is using an extra “e” in “separate.” It is one of the top ten most misspelled words by people in Google searches.

7. Apparent

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Common misspellings: apparant, aparent, apparrent, aparrent

The “p” s and “r” s are the most confusing ones in this word. People either miss the “p” in the word. Or add another “r” in the word. Or add or remove both these letters. The trick is remembering the words “app” and “parent” to remember correct spelling.

8. Colleague

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Common misspellings: collaegue, collegue, coleague

This is another most dramatic word. People find spelling difficult as it is similar to “college” and “league.” But it is not similar to both these words in any way. You must add another “l” to “league” to spell colleague.

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9. Entrepreneur

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Common misspellings: entrepeneur , entreprenur, entreperneur

One of the most used words in business terms is entrepreneur. It may seem easy to speak, but it's quite dramatic to spell. The reason behind the difficulty is that it's a French word. As a result, the English spelling rules don't fit this word. People confuse the “r” by dropping it or transposing it. 

10. Fulfill

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Common misspellings: fulfil, fullfill, fullfil

Another word with the most confusing spellings is “fulfill.” The “l” is quite difficult to maintain in the word. People often add an extra “l” to the word “ful” or remove it from the word “fill.” British English accepts the spelling “fulfill.” But in American English, you must write fulfill.

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