Sister-in-Law Trashes House, Daughter is Furious and Suing Her, Is She Overreacting?

A woman shared her story of taking legal action against her sister-in-law for damage that she did to her father's property. We'll call her Jess.

No One Likes a Mooch

Jess explained that her father is relatively well-off and owns multiple properties in the country she lives in and his home country. She said that because of that and the fact that she and her husband have good careers, her sister-in-law (SIL) behaves snobbily toward them and tries to “mooch” off them any chance she gets.

Jess said that when they go out to eat with her husband's family, Jess and her husband are expected to pick up the bill. On holidays and other gift-giving occasions, her husband's side of the family expects “good gifts.” She said her SIL is currently on her third marriage and has three children under the age of ten.

She and her husband were looking for a venue for their wedding and approached Jess to ask if they could use one of her father's properties. She said she was hesitant at first because of how her SIL has treated her in the past, but it's her father's property, so she called him to ask how he felt about it.

He said it was her call but that she should have them sign an agreement saying that they are liable for any damage done to the property and that they should be charged a reasonable fee to use the property for their wedding. She and her father agreed on $1,500, which Jess says is very reasonable considering the house is “massive.”

Jess told her SIL about the offer, and she and her husband asked about a “family discount.” Jess told them this was the family discount, and they could take it or leave it. They ended up signing the contract and paying.

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Terrible Houseguests

Jess said that two days after the wedding, she went to check on the house. She said it was a complete mess. Bed sheets were stained, a vase was broken, alcohol bottles were floating in the pool, etc. Jess called her dad to tell him, and he told her to assess the damage and see how much it is. Jess reported back that it was around $1,000 worth of damages. Her dad contacted her SIL to explain the damage and how much she will owe.

She threw a fit and goes off on him about how it's ridiculous, they're family, and she shouldn't have been charged in the first place, and that Jess and her family are so well-off they can “happily” afford to pay the damages. She said if she pays for the damage she and her new husband won't be able to go on their honeymoon.

She then called Jess to harass her and accused her of thinking she was better than everyone. She also said that “it's a wedding what do you expect? Sorry my people know how to have a good time.” Jess's dad gave her SIL 30 days to pay the damage fee, but at the 30-day mark, there was no payment.

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Jess's dad then contacted her SIL to inform her that he had a lawyer and would be taking her to court for the damages. Her SIL and mother-in-law contacted Jess's husband non-stop, attempting to get him to give her the money. He refused because he agreed that what she did was irresponsible and wrong.

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Jess had to block her mother-in-law and SIL after they sent her nasty messages and tried to show up at her house to “talk.” Jess said that she feels bad that her husband's relationship with his mom and sister is going to be ruined over $1,000, but she feels that what her SIL did was wrong, and she doesn't even seem sorry.

Was Jess's father justified in taking her SIL to court over the damages? Should Jess's husband have given her the money to cover it? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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