10 Skills Most Men Don’t Have but Should To Attract Women

The Reddit community has compiled a list of skills that women say make men more attractive to them.

1. A Sense of Humor Paired With Being Able To Read the Room

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“Humor + reading the room have to go together. “Saying what everybody is thinking” is only funny in the appropriate moment,” one user said.

Another added, “THIS! My room mate is a pun a minute person. Which is fine if the people he's telling the puns to have any idea what's going on. I cannot tell you how exasperating it is to hear him stop and explain – in detail – the pun to someone who is in the middle of a task and cannot get their mind around why an idiot is stopping them to tell a story/joke. He pulls this most often on cashiers and employees of grocery stores. I've tried explaining that they think he's a complain, but that otherwise they don't care and don't want to hear it. They might even get docked pay if you delay them too long. His response? Well, it makes me feel better. So frustrating!”

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2. A Good Cook

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“A good cook. I love cooking and am good at it, which guys typically like, but I appreciate when a guy wants to cook for me instead for a change. It's attractive when they know their way around a kitchen and have confidence in their culinary skills without my help!” one user said.

Another added, “And we're not talking cooking and leaving a mess for me to clean.”

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3. Staying Calm

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“Staying calm. Men which stay calm almost 24/7 have such a attractive skill. I can‘t really discribe why but it is really attractive to me,” one woman said. A man added, “I’ve always been able to keep my cool in situations. I’ve always been a pacifist and hate confrontation. But confrontation doesn’t have to be aggressive. I’ve learned that it’s possible to be assertive without being aggressive which is really cool. I never understood the hot-head mentality.”

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4. Genuine Kindness

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One woman shared, “This. My partner was a kind coworker, he brought us all thoughtful little gifts one year and then after we started hooking up, he was very sweet to my elderly cat and now that we live together, he is an excellent stepfather to my two spoiled little dogs. We cry together when things are sad. His desire to be kind has enabled us to have difficult conversations and learn to not be on the defense when we disagree. He makes me coffee on weekends when we wake up at the same time. Kindness is the most important quality.”

Another person chimed in, “Yes! I'm currently dating a man who is just the most polite, caring and sweet individual I've ever met. I fall deeper in love everytime he does something sweet or kind for a stranger.”

5. Finding Humor in Bad or Stressful Situations

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One person said, “Oh I do this to a fault. I find humor in everything, nothing is sacred, I know it’s a defense mechanism and I’m trying to tone it down, but it’s such a good defense mechanism.”

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Another person added their own story, “You know. I am a positive guy, I smile and laugh a lot. And I am easy going most of the time. But once chips are down and I need to concentrate or am under a lot of stress, I get really serious and honestly can't laugh and be all: ‘Haha! Look I just messed it all up and this will take 2 weeks to fix, if it can even be fixed. Haha!'. Honestly I admire people who can just do that. I guess it is something I need to work on. No wonder you value something like that, because I value it as well. It is a very good quality to have in any person.”

6. Being Handy

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“My wife didn't know I knew how to change a tire. She was happy to find out and watch. I never viewed it as a big deal. I was taught as a kid,” one guy said. Another person added, “When my now wife and I were dating. I went to pick her up from a friends place and I pulled into a really tight driveway, dragging my tire over a sharp grate, popping it. Called her from the driveway and told her I was there and it would be a few mins because I needed to change the tire… the 5 girls there all came out and watched me with awe (no I’m not some Adonis). A) it was a bit weird B) I found out that none of their current boyfriends (some now husbands) knew how.”

7. Good With Cats

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“I've found that a man who knows how to pet a cat correctly/can get cats to ask for more attention is almost certainly going to be good in bed,” one person said. Another added, “I always been a cat person. First time I visited my girlfriends apartment, I sat on the couch. Her two cats came and she said, that the smaller one is quiet shy and it's very unlikely that I could pet him. Next thing, he jumped in my lap and started purring. She said, that he never ever had done that by anyone except her.”

8. Gives Good Massages

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One woman said, “You may not be a woman, but you've told no lies. OMG a man who can gave a good deep tissue massage…few and far between.” Another user joked, “I'm an expert but every time i Massage a strange woman on the street, she slaps me with her bag and runs away.”

9. General Intelligence

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“I found this out earlier this week when my wife and I were watching Chernobyl on HBO. She asked a question about nuclear reactors and how they work and I broke into a 40 minute chemistry/physics lesson for her with hand drawn diagrams. Not sure if any of the information actually took hold for her, but she did pretty much tackle me in the living room before we watched the rest of the show,” one guy said. A woman added, “My first boyfriend could count cards, and had a startling understanding of mathematics and logic puzzles. It's one of the most attractive traits I've ever experienced in someone else.”

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10. A Good Singing Voice

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“I melt every time if a dude can sing well. I have a karaoke voice: not awful but I'll never stop people in the streets so just hearing guy being able to sing has me mesmerized,” one woman said. “Honestly I think being able to sing beautifully is probably the closest thing to real magic,” another added.

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