20 Gen Z Things That Baffle Older Generations

Technology and cultural trends are constantly evolving, and a fresh perspective on the world comes with each new generation. This can sometimes lead to confusion and misunderstandings between generations as each group tries to navigate the changing landscape.

Recently on an online platform, people have shared things that confuse them about Generation Z and how these differences in perception reflect the shifting cultural and technological landscape of the world we live in today.

1. Gen X's Bewilderment: The Mysterious Hoodie Trend of Gen Z

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The younger generation's fashion choices have completely bewildered a curious Gen Xer. Even in scorching weather, the ubiquitous hoodie trend has the older generation scratching their heads and pondering the motivations behind this counterintuitive fashion statement. Eager to learn more, they are left perplexed and intrigued.

2. Gen Z's Coolness: Bypassing the Awkward Adolescence Phase

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Gen Z's effortless coolness has left an astounded observer marveling at their uncanny ability to skip the awkward phase of adolescence. They can't help but notice how this generation seems to have emerged from elementary school with a mastery of fashion and Starbucks. It's almost as if they've bypassed the typical teenage awkwardness that previous generations endured, leaving the observer both confused and impressed.

3. Hollywood's Future Talent: A Curious Look at Gen Z's Role

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The entertainment industry's apparent lack of young talent has left a curious person questioning the future of Hollywood. With only a handful of Gen Z celebrities, such as Tom Holland and Zendaya, coming to mind, they wonder who the up-and-coming talent will be. Perplexed by current affairs, they are eager to see who will inevitably rise to prominence.

4. Gen Z Email Etiquette: Perplexing and Incomplete Messages

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A coach needs clarification on the email etiquette of Gen Z, finding it difficult to understand the nature of their messages. Three separate individuals emailing them incomplete and context-less information has prompted a reminder that email is not a text message, and all information needs to be organized before sending. Otherwise, they see Gen Z as no different from any other generation.

5. Hair-raising Trend: The Amazing Style of Gen Z Males

man thinking pointing to head
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The current trending hairstyle of Gen Z males has left a curious observer amazed and wondering how they achieve the look. They ponder whether they're getting perms to achieve the style and are eager to learn more about this trend-setting generation.

6. Lack of Maturity? The Surprising Perception of Gen Z

Man eating chocolate cake
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An older individual is surprised by the age gap between themselves and Gen Z, feeling that the younger generation is too immature. Bewildered by the apparent reluctance of the younger cohort to mature, they ponder why youth seems to linger in their midst, leaving them with a lingering sense of uncertainty.

7. Unusual Humor: Gen Z's Unique Take on Comedy

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A perplexed observer finds the sense of humor of Gen Z to be unusual and strange, making it difficult for them to articulate precisely why. It's quite different from the humor of previous generations, leaving the observer needing help understanding this generation's unique take on comedy.

8. Gen Z and Social Media: The Influence Revolution?

Woman watching mobile
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A perplexed millennial expressed their bewilderment over why some members of Gen Z act as if they revolutionized social media and the influencer scene. Despite technologies like Snapchat emerging during the millennial era, they're amazed at how some Gen Zers act like they're the first to experience these phenomena. It's as if they forget that older millennials like them were the core demographic during that time.

9. TikTok Craze: A Millennial's Perplexity at Gen Z's Trends

Woman shocked on seeing mobile
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At 26 years old, this individual finds themselves at the intersection of millennial and Gen Z generations, and they're perplexed by the craze surrounding TikTok challenge trends. Despite being on the younger end of the millennial spectrum, they can't wrap their head around the excitement of copying these trends. Due to the generation gap, they've seen similar trends come and go over time.

10. Feeling Out of Touch: Gen Z's Perception of GIFs

Man thinking about work.
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Imagine the shock when someone stumbled upon that Gen Z, the trendsetters of today, view GIFs as something only boomers use! It's like the classic moment from The Simpsons when you realize you're no longer “with it” because “it” has changed. Suddenly, what you're familiar with is no longer “it,” and the new “it” seems foreign and intimidating.

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11. Gen Z's Quirky Fashion: Broccoli Hair & Short Shorts

Cheerful young people eating burger and enjoying at a fast food restaurant.
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Some Gen Z members are leaving observers puzzled by their fashion choices, like combining “broccoli hair” with short shorts and flip-flops with socks. Despite the confusion, the observer recognized that Gen Z stands out in other ways, proving to be an exceptional generation.

12. Why Is Gen Z Always Discontented When Shopping?

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A curious observer is bewildered by the constant discontentment of Gen Z members while shopping. The concerned onlooker wondered if something was wrong with them, as every time they entered a store, they saw them in a gloomy mood. The Redditor is curious about the reason behind this behavior and hopes to understand it better.

13. Tech-Savvy's Amazement: Gen Z's Tech Struggles

Friends walking look at phones.
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It's mind-boggling to a tech-savvy enthusiast that Gen Z struggles with basic tech functions despite growing up with advanced technology. The fan pointed out that skills like searching effectively on Google, troubleshooting internet issues, and critically analyzing information online are crucial, but many Gen Zers seem to have trouble with them. Could it be due to over-reliance on technology, leading to a need for more critical thinking skills?

14. Tiktok's Lip-syncing Trend: The Allure Unveiled

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An onlooker is perplexed by the trend of lip-syncing and staring at the camera, questioning how it qualifies as good content. This refers to the popular trend on TikTok and other social media platforms, where creators make short-form videos featuring lip-syncing and dance challenges. While some may find it entertaining, others need help understanding the appeal.

15. Gen Z's Beach Obsession: Puzzling Social Media Priorities

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A recent encounter with a group of teenagers at the beach left a beachgoer confused. The adolescents came to the beach to pose for pictures with their friends, even bringing a football to take staged photos with. Instead of enjoying the beach and playing, they seemed more focused on getting the perfect shot for social media. The observer acknowledged their social media usage while remaining puzzled by the teens' behavior.

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16. Labels and Identity: Gen Z's Norm-defying Approach

LGBTQ Pride Festival
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In the ever-evolving world of social media, a blogger finds it fascinating how Gen Z openly embraces and displays their labels, be it their sexuality or learning differences. Reflecting on their own high school days when being labeled was frowned upon, they marvel at the shift in times. While respecting individual choices to identify with a label, the blogger prefers to avoid being confined by one.

17. Communication Clash: Gen Z's Video Calling vs. Millennial Texting

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A vlogger dives into the intriguing dynamics of communication preferences between Gen Z and millennials. They find it captivating how Gen Z has a penchant for video calling, even in situations where texting would suffice, while millennials tend to shy away from phone calls altogether. As a self-professed member of the millennial generation, the vlogger expresses their preference for texting, appreciating the privacy and control it offers in conversations.

18. Gen Z's Google Struggle: A Digital Native's Perspective

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As a digital native, someone well-versed in the intricacies of technology, they can't help but be perplexed by the lack of Google proficiency among many Gen Zers. Despite having grown up with Google as an integral part of their lives, it astonishes them that basic functions like navigating search results and troubleshooting internet issues present challenges for some in this supposedly tech-savvy generation.

19. Tiktok's Harmful Trend: Pretending To Have Mental Disorders

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Expressing bewilderment, a social media user raises concerns about the alarming trend of individuals on TikTok pretending to have mental disorders solely to garner more views. Not only is this behavior harmful, but it also undermines the real struggles faced by individuals with genuine mental health issues. It is crucial to recognize the potential consequences of such actions and actively discourage this harmful behavior on social media platforms.

20. Unconventional Tattoos: Gen Z's Daring Ink Trends

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A passionate lover of tattoos shares their astonishment at the rising trend among younger generations to ink unconventional places on their bodies. “At 31, I have a fair share of tattoos, but seeing kids with their faces and knuckles inked while keeping their arms untouched, leaves me utterly amazed. We used to call those ‘job stoppers,'” they remark with a mix of confusion and surprise. The tattoo enthusiast grapples with the willingness of Gen Z to embrace tattoos in highly visible areas that were once stigmatized in professional settings.

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