10 Disney Princesses Evaluated for Hunger Games Survival

The Hunger Games franchise has captured the imagination of many people, including Disney fans who speculate about which of their beloved princesses would survive in the arena. Recently on an online platform, people have shared the potential survival skills of Disney princesses and determined who would come out on top in a Hunger Games scenario. 

1. Elsa: The Icy Contender in the Arena?

Image Credit: Disney.

A popular Disney character from the movie Frozen has caught a fan's attention who thinks that Elsa would make a formidable contender in The Hunger Games. The fan believes that Elsa's unique ability to wield ice and snow would give her an advantage in combat situations. Her control over the elements would also make her adaptable and versatile, making her a dangerous opponent.

2. Mulan: Skilled Fighter Who Could Come Out on Top

Image Credit: Disney.

Another contender, Mulan, is seen as a strong possibility for winning the Hunger Games. Due to her experience and training in combat, having disguised herself as a man to join the army in place of her old father, Mulan has proven herself to be a skilled fighter and strategist. Her resourcefulness and quick thinking would give her an edge in the games.

3. Merida's Archery: Key to Victory?

Image Credit: Disney.

Merida's archery skills have impressed a commenter, who believes they would give her a good chance of winning the Hunger Games. With her precision and accuracy, thanks to years of practice and hunting in the Scottish Highlands, Merida could take down opponents from a distance and avoid harm. Her fierce determination and independent spirit would also give her a mental edge.

4. Snow White: Charming but Lacking Survival Skills

Image Credit: Disney.

While Snow White may have a slim chance of winning the Hunger Games by charming the animals in the arena to help her, one participant believes that her survival skills are lacking, and she would likely be one of the first to go.

5. Aurora: Resourceful But Unskilled in Combat

Image Credit: Disney.

Aurora, also known as Sleeping Beauty, is viewed as a contender by one participant due to her ability to survive and adapt to harsh environments. Having spent most of her life living in a forest with only the three good fairies to rely on, Aurora is known for her intelligence and resourcefulness. However, her lack of combat skills might be a disadvantage in a battle royale like the Hunger Games.

6. Ariel: Aquatic Advantage or Disadvantage in the Arena?

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Ariel, being a mermaid, is seen as a potential advantaged contender in the Hunger Games if the arena includes water. Her natural swimming abilities and familiarity with underwater environments could give her an edge over competitors. However, her lack of combat training and physical prowess may put her at a disadvantage if the arena is entirely land-based.

7. Belle: The Strategic Thinker in the Battle

Image Credit: Disney.

Belle's love for reading and knowledge is believed to be an advantage in The Hunger Games by one entrant. Her strategic and resourceful nature would enable her to devise clever solutions and outsmart her opponents. Additionally, her experience dealing with the Beast may have prepared her for facing dangerous and unpredictable situations. However, some have pointed out her lack of physical combat training might be a disadvantage.

8. Jasmine: Agile and Street-Smart in the Arena

Image Credit: Disney.

Another strong contender for the Hunger Games is Jasmine, who is viewed as agile and street-smart by one participant. Having grown up in the streets of Agrabah, she knows how to survive in harsh conditions and has experience dealing with dangerous situations. Additionally, her pet tiger Rajah could provide extra protection and intimidation.

9. Pocahontas: Skilled Hunter and Fearless Fighter

Image Credit: Disney.

Pocahontas, with her proficiency in hunting and tracking and her knowledge of the forest and its resources, is viewed as a strong contender by one participant. Growing up in the wilderness and being in tune with nature, Pocahontas possesses unique survival skills that could be useful in the arena. Additionally, her fearlessness and bravery, demonstrated through her willingness to confront the colonizers and protect her people, could give her an advantage in combat situations.

10. Rapunzel: Formidable with Unique Skills in Battle

Image Credit: Disney.

Rapunzel's skills with a frying pan and her ability to use her long hair as a weapon are seen as unique strengths that could make her a formidable opponent in the Hunger Games. In addition to her physical abilities, Rapunzel is also known for her intelligence and resourcefulness, which could help her to outsmart her opponents and survive the game. However, her lack of combat training and experience could also be a disadvantage in the arena.

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