So Gross: 10 Foods That Shouldn’t Exist, According to Some

Introducing the world of culinary misfortunes, where certain foods have crossed the line of palatability and ventured into the realm of foulness. From tooth-damaging candies to repulsive delicacies, Recently, people shared a list of culinary creations that people fervently wish had never existed.

1. Tooth-Damaging Now and Laters

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Lightheartedly, an individual recounts their unfortunate encounter with Now and Laters, the chewy candy that unexpectedly led to losing a dental crown. With a touch of humor, they suggest a playful name change, proposing that “Now and Later” be rebranded as “No and Never” due to the dental mishap.

2. Unappetizing Lobster Mayonnaise Gelatin

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With blunt honesty, a connoisseur shares their strong aversion to a 1950s recipe featuring lobster mayonnaise gelatin. They firmly state their humble opinion, expressing a complete lack of interest in trying the undesirable dish.

3. Ecological Impact of Chilean Farmed Salmon

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A concerned advocate voices serious apprehensions about the salmon farming practices in the Patagonia fjords. They passionately oppose aquaculture production in southern Chile, shedding light on the detrimental environmental consequences it imposes on the region. Issues such as water contamination from feces, plastic, hormones, antibiotics, and spills are highlighted as significant threats to the local ecosystem. Furthermore, they point out the unsustainable sourcing of fish meals from large trawling ships, leading to the depletion of fish populations in other parts of the world. The user appeals against consuming or purchasing Chilean salmon by urging others to take action.

4. Inhumane Treatment of Live Octopus

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Passionately expressing their discontent, a compassionate soul reveals their deep concerns regarding the consumption of live octopuses and the treatment of these sentient creatures. They describe the killing process as barbaric and voice their dissatisfaction with the cruel treatment endured by the octopuses.

5. Sad and Disgusting Chicken in a Can

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Confronted with canned chicken, food enthusiasts openly express their disgust and despair. They vividly describe the sight of a whole chicken packed inside a can as extremely unappealing and repulsive. Based on their personal experience, they hold a strongly negative perception of this particular food item.

6. The Superficiality of Foods With Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf icecream.
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Drawing inspiration from their video game experiences, gaming aficionado expresses disdain for any food adorned with gold leaf. Referencing games like Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and Super Paper Mario, they humorously liken gold leaf to a rare healing item called a Gold Leaf in the game. In their eyes, consuming an actual yellow leaf appears distasteful and unnecessary.

7. Hated Canned Straw Mushrooms

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Fondly reminiscing about their upbringing, a nostalgic individual reveals their aversion to canned straw mushrooms. These mushrooms, commonly found in cans, irked them. Whether it was the taste, texture, or overall experience, the individual found canned mushrooms unpleasant and detested them during their younger years.

8. Infamously Foul Surströmming

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With a strong display of disgust, a passionate food lover openly expresses their abhorrence towards surströmming, a fermented Baltic Sea herring infamous for its pungent odor. They mention the peculiar recommendation of opening the can to go underwater due to its overpowering smell. To the food lover, this traditional Swedish delicacy is utterly repulsive, and the overwhelming odor serves as a major contributing factor to its foulness.

9. Challenging Texture of Boiled Jellyfish

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Reflecting on their encounter with boiled jellyfish, a gastronome recounts their experience in Shanghai. They describe the taste as reminiscent of watered-down grape jelly, but their dissatisfaction stems from the texture, which they compare to chewing on a car tire. The combination of unappealing taste and texture makes the gastronome deem boiled jellyfish highly undesirable.

10. Rethinking the Need for Shark Fins in Soup

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Sharing their opinion on shark fin soup, an advocate boldly states that shark fins are tasteless. They argue the soup maintains its flavor even without adding shark fins. The individual proposes alternative options, such as fake shark fins or glass noodles, as suitable substitutes if the soup is well-prepared and flavorful. Their perspective challenges the notion that shark fins are crucial for the taste of the soup, emphasizing a preference for more ethical and sustainable alternatives.

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