10 Topics Many Avoid Discussing

In our societies, there exist some issues whose discussion is undeniable yet often ignored. Though some of them have been addressed in recent years, most of them are still “Unaddressed Subjects.” There is a long list of them, but listed below are a few of them:

1. Individualism

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Giving oneself time to relax and smoothen their thoughts, especially in the grind, is, in fact, refreshing. But it has some significant adverse impacts, as one of the commenters pointed out, that it's totally against the will of the “community” where everyone gives their shoulders for compassion, making us miserable. No bonding and no connections will ultimately make a man mentally ill.

2. Financial Constraints in Passion

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Passion as a profession is the best choice to have a sound life. But most people can't pursue it due to financial constraints. A user raised this issue by pointing out that we all are taught to follow our passion, but everyone is willing to give “verbal support” rather than “financial support.” It's an unaddressed constraint that needs to be addressed.

3. Real World Communication Constrained

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Global village owes a big thanks to the Internet. It has tied us with a knot of nearness from the far ones. However, it has adversely affected the real-world knots of the public. As addressed by a contributor, this “toxic” trait is costing us valuable moments and making our “Golden” memories rusted. Its ratio is exceptionally high in the youth, and addressing this at a societal level is necessary.

4. Anti-Bacterial Resistance

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Some prescribed medicines aren't working as they should be. An exciting issue aroused by an individual is an increasing concern in the health sector. However, different measures are planned and implemented in other societies; more than these are needed as this challenge has increased in recent years. 

5. Life Has Its Flow

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Considering each event of life as pre-planned and showing the “inability” to tackle this is a worth noticing issue. Pointed by another user, not all events in life are pre-planned. Some are reactions to our actions. We are blessed with enough will and strength to mold our lives. There is a need to adopt this mindset, but unfortunately, most communities are unwilling to do so.

6. Plastic Recycling

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One significant “environmentally friendly” initiative, plastic recycling, is not as friendly as conceived. As highlighted by a commenter, recycled plastics contain harmful chemicals and cause contamination, while recycling exposes workers and aquatic animals to life-threatening problems. The switching of different brands in recycling bottles and other pieces of equipment mainly comprises quality, which needs to be considered by the public.

7. Earning Profit a Main Goal

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Commercial enterprises' main goal is profit generation. It is a widely accepted fact, but this fact compromises the welfare and development of societies, highlighted by another contributor. Irrespective of sectors, Industries are focusing on generating massive and ever-increasing profits, leading to public tensions. 

8. Corporation's Powers

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Nowadays, leading corporations are influential not only in their specific industry but also in the economic welfare of societies. As mentioned by another person, these corporations are enjoying wealth and prosperity when the majority of the population around the globe is suffering due to inflation and other societal and economic crises. Their active participation can help many people to come out from suffering.

9. Tribalism

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Discrimination based on tribe and race is not a new issue. But still, it remains one of the “unaddressed” issues around the globe. Added by a respondent, it is one of the root causes of discrimination and other racial activities. Although much work is being done by societies and at the individual/family level, it persists.

10. Mental Health

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Many individuals are facing mental health issues but are scared to disclose. One of the disputed matters brought to the table by the final psychologist is that there is a need for mental asylum for the “serious” ill ones, as most of them can't take care of themselves. Moreover, discrimination in the workplace in this discourse should not occur. There is a need to accept this illness and have to normalize it.

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