10 Clear Signs a Relationship Is Doomed for Failure

Not all relationships are meant to reach their destiny, but the best part is that they help us grow as better people. It clears out what we want in a potential spouse and what not. Red flags have a very negative impression; however, these come out to be helpful in various fields of life to understand the psyche of surrounding people. These are ten clear signs for spotting red flags for getting saved from a doomed relationship:

1. Trust Issues

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Trust is the core element of any relationship that is to be sustainable. When trust is lacking, your relationship with your partner is damaged at some level. In most cases, it is due to the communication gap that often leaves no gap for rebuilding it. On an online platform, a user emphasized the importance of leaving a relationship with dignity, especially when a partner starts doubting your loyalty or accuses you of lame things.

2. Emotional Unavailability

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Relationships vary from couple to couple; some like to be expressive, and others want to keep it low-key. A critic confessed on a social post that her partner exploited him by dumping her emotional baggage & when he needed her, she was emotionally unavailable. They can suffer due to physical or emotional distance, but only our efforts & emotional availability can help them recover.

3. Cheating

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Lies, deceit, or lack of transparency are all means of cheating in a relationship. Cheating can irreparably damage a relationship, and individuals often defend themselves in such cases but this is not an act by accident. Despite all the love, effort, and value given to them, those who have committed a single act of cheating can commit it again. The only way forward is to forgive them & accept them to move on.

4. Dominant Behavior

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Human psychology suggests that opposite personalities can attract each other, but if both assert superiority, it can cause turmoil. A netizen wrote that she didn’t recognize her toxic partner until he started attempting to control her actions & decisions, which she shouldn’t have ignored. An ideal approach is to patiently handle heated arguments and discuss them later with a calm, composed mind.

5. Discussing Personal Matters With Others

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A relationship is not just about happy days, romance, and telling each other how much they love you. It is a rollercoaster ride with its highs and lows. In the early stages of a relationship, individuals often keep issues private, but over time, they discuss them with everyone except the person involved. Relationship advisors advise against disclosing personal matters to third parties, as it makes the issue no longer personal.

6. Blame Game

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The blame game in a relationship can be toxic and damaging. Couples who don’t set defined boundaries become victims of blame games. It is already a red flag that the other person is not willing to fix things but to prove themselves right. Under such circumstances, it is necessary to understand your partner’s narrative and lean back for an open discussion to avoid it in the future.

7. Valuing Own Parents

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Our parents are what we reflect on; therefore, valuing them is extremely important. However, when a partner prioritizes one's parents over the other, it can hurt sentimental values. For a healthy and peaceful living, both partners' parents should be treated equally & not discriminated against. Although this red flag can give rise to future misunderstandings, setting boundaries & creating a mutually supportive relationship can help balance.

8. Communication Barriers

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It is essential to communicate the thoughts running in the back of the mind because most barriers are established due to unresolved conflicts. Our problem is that we listen to react rather than to understand. If you observe unheard or unappreciated, visible changes in behavior, unexpected emotional reactions, it's possible that they have already made up their mind. In an interview online, a couple stated that conflict resolution is crucial for a relationship’s continuous growth.

9. Selfishness

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A narcissistic partner would always want all the efforts to be made for them without even trying to invest a little once. In today’s modern world, people name it self-love to avoid being called selfish. However, such relationships are a major red flag when finding a blooming garden under barren soil. The only way to get it through is the willingness to make sacrifices and ask nothing in return. 

10. Lack of Efforts

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Efforts are the little things that keep a relationship lively. With passing time, these get neglected by getting taken for granted, which makes that spark lost among couples. It can leave one partner thinking being taken for granted. These barriers may pile up, eventually creating disconnection & dismissal of each other's needs and feelings. An anonymous user advised that in such relationships people should realize where to invest their precious time & feelings. 

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