10 Absurd Cooking Beliefs Worth Debating

What might be acceptable for you might be downright distasteful for someone else. It might just be the way you cut meat or the food presentation with different food choices come with varied opinions, and it is difficult to reach a consensus if people conflict over food. Enlisted are some debatable cooking beliefs.

1. Gold and Silver Flakes Consumption Is Senseless

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Some people don't find gold flakes decorated food appealing, while pastry chefs use them to accentuate dessert presentation and taste. On the other hand, Colloidal silver (Silver suspended in liquid) is used as a home remedy and in homeopathic medicine for immune system issues. A user was nostalgic about a gold flake-topped ganache tart his mother baked once yearly.  

2. Sandwiches Should Only Be Cut Diagonally

Peanut Butter and Bacon Sandwich
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The cut of the sandwich is a matter of personal preference and presentation. Supporters of horizontal cuts suggest that their cut holds the ingredients better, while a diagonal cut is more appealing to others. Diagonal or horizontal, it all comes down to taste. Even your favorite cut might not be enticing if the filling is not tasty. A commenter mentioned that celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay cuts sandwiches horizontally.

3. Caramelized Onions Are Good To Eat In 5 Minutes

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Onions are edible raw, so they can definitely be consumed after cooking for 5 minutes. However, it requires more time, around 40-45 minutes, for natural sugar in onions to caramelize and bring out the aroma and flavor. A user called every recipe that mentioned caramelizing onions in 5 minutes a lie. A second user mentioned that quick recipes should rename caramelizing onions to sweetened onions.

4. Angel Hair Doesn't Deserve To Be Called Pasta

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Angel's hair is extremely thin, long pasta. Many people think that since no sauce can stick owing to its shape, it is useless to make it. Others believe that its shape complements light condiments and sauces and is perfect when served with broth. A wife expressed her husband's fondness for Angel's hair and that he couldn't have pasta in any other shape.

5. Brownies and Cakes Can Be Made With Box Mix Only

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It is easier to use a box; pick a flavor, follow a few simple steps, and it is ready. You can rest assured about consistency, and it is time-saving. But saying that making a cake from scratch is impossible is exaggerating. Also, the taste and aroma are unmatched. The mother of a diabetic kid was unable to comprehend the concept and was unwilling to expose her kid to processed food.    

6. Pre-Ground Spices Are Impossible to Switch From

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Pre-ground spices are user and pocket-friendly. Most people use spices occasionally, so buying pre-ground is convenient rather than grinding them every time you want to use as the rest usually expires by the time you want to use them the next time. Those who cannot compromise on quality and aroma may disagree. A commenter considered pre-ground herbs a sin.

7. Fresh Tomatoes Usage for Tomato Sauce Wastes Time

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Using canned tomato for tomato sauce is convenient and time-saving, no questioning that, but the rich flavor and texture are certainly compromised. It's another dimension of the fresh vs processed debate. A respondent disagreed that it only required 10 minutes and shared how he made it with cherry tomatoes fried in olive oil and a dash of garlic, crushed red pepper, and herbs.

8. Rice Cooker Benefits Don't Justify Its Cost

Instant Pot With Rice in Glass Measuring Cup
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A rice cooker seems unnecessary, especially if you cook rice occasionally and like stove-cooked rice. However, if you eat them frequently and want rice to be perfect, it is a worthwhile spending. An individual shared their experience about being dubious after buying it. Still, after tasting the cooked cheap brown rice, he was blown away and rechecked if expensive rice was used mistakenly.  

9. Expensive Appliances Don't Determine Quality Cooking

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Electrical appliances make working in the kitchen easier, more convenient, and save time. Many people will argue that someone with skill and experience can make scrumptious food without them. The food quality also depends on other things like the quality of ingredients used, but using appliances improves the taste. A commenter claims that the quality of the bread improved when kneaded with the help of appliances.

10. It's Not Necessary to Measure Everything

Milk being poured into a measuring cup
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Innumerable people cook with estimation, and their food is delicious but requires experience and a keen eye. Measuring helps achieve accuracy and consistency in the taste of food. For new and occasional cooks, it helps avoid distasteful dishes as they can follow the recipe dot to dot. An individual warns that it is crucial to be accurate while baking.

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