10 Stories of When People’s Brains Just Couldn’t Get It Right

We've all had moments where our brain “hiccups,” and we say or think something really dumb. Other times, we were misinformed, uneducated, or just a little dumb and needed to be corrected. Hopefully, these people learned something from their encounters.

1. Blue Is for Water

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One user sets the scene on a plane ride where a woman reads the inflight pamphlet. She commented, “Wow, I didn't realize the flight from San Diego to Houston is totally over water. Since the map showed powder blue for everything outside the US, she thought the US was an island.”

Since only the US part of the map was orange, she had assumed the powder blue parts were all water and that the US was an island. This must've been very interesting to overhear, correcting her.

2. West Virginia Is West of Virginia

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Sometimes when you say that stupid thing, you're not misinformed. Instead, you have a moment where you should have thought a little more complexly. For example, one user had to explain to their mother that West Virginia is west of Virginia.

Having lived all her life on the west coast, she was thrown off while visiting the east coast since the Ocean was on the wrong side. They explained, “Mom, we're on the east Coast. West Virginia is west of Virginia.” Finally, their mother understood.

3. Don't Enter Your Card Information

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It's hard to believe that, to this day, there are still people who do not understand and do not put any payment information on a site you do not know. But this lady clearly had not been told.

“Had to tell a poor person today that her internet provider didn't make the ad game she found on a website.” said a user. “She said she clicked the screen to shoot down an airplane for a free iPad. She got mad and said she sent in all her card information, and we better give it to her.”

4. Better To Buy Direct

disadvantages to using credit cards
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When purchasing something online through a third party, sometimes you are offered better discounts or perks. But it is important to note that you must purchase through a third party to receive them.

“This lady bought our product from a third-party re-seller that had an offer going if you bought a certain package that included some bobblehead doll. She didn't buy the package that included the third-party promotion from the third-party dealer. She called the vendor directly, wanting her bobblehead.”

5. Sarcasm Is Lost on Some

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Not everyone understands or enjoys sarcasm. Sometimes when in a moment or place where a person is nervous or afraid, a sarcastic joke doesn't seem funny and can make a person even more fearful.

One user wrote, “I had to confirm to a girl on a plane that I was joking when I told my mom Russian spy bears had Hijacked the plane and damaged one of the wings. My mom laughed. This girl was horrified.”

6. Turn Around in Elevators

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We understand elevators can be confusing. You step in, turn around and push the button for the floor you want; the doors close, and the elevator moves. Actually, that doesn't seem confusing at all; maybe this is why this user was so stunned by her boss's confusion.

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She said, “as my boss exited the elevator on her return from lunch, she decided to voice what seemed to be a puzzle that stumped her for a long time. “I don't understand this building. When I enter the elevator facing away from the lobby, why do I exit facing the lobby on the floor above? It's like the elevator turns around!”

This user replied, “Ma'am, you turn around to face the doors once you get into the elevator. So you're facing the lobby when the elevator starts to move.”

7. Stick To Your Specialty

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Even the brightest minds can say or do something stupid. So maybe it's best to stick to your specialty. For example, one user wrote, “I know a chemical engineer who is a genius in that discipline and can just about work magic. But, unfortunately, she gave up after an hour trying to install a kid's car seat.”

8. Book Smarts vs. Street Smarts

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A person can be book-smart and still not understand the most basic things. One user wrote, “I once knew an attorney who, when seeing an ad for Dog The Bounty Hunter, turned around and asked, genuinely and with a straight face, ‘Does he hunt dogs?'. There is a difference between book smart and street smart.”

9. Don't Eat Rotten Food

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Everyone knows that food will spoil if it is not refrigerated. Or so we would think. However, some people will leave a whole cooked chicken on the counter all day, eat it and then wonder why they feel sick.

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One user said, ” My coworker is out with food poisoning at least once a week. I've never met someone who threw up as much as her and wasn't bulimic. She will eat her breakfast at 4 pm after it's sitting at her desk all day. Eggs with cheese and mayo that she picked up at 7 in the morning.”

“Then she'll call in sick the next day. She ate potato salad sitting in a hot trunk for 24 hours. She said it was liquidy and tasted weird, but she doesn't like how refrigerated foods taste.”

10. Islands Don't Float

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One could see why a child may be confused by islands. They do look like they float in the middle of the ocean since you can't see below the water level. But at a certain age, you would expect common sense to kick in or school to teach you differently.

One user wrote, “Had a friend I had to explain that contrary to her belief islands are not floating like big Rubber boats after she asked how with the wind and currents the islands still maintained their position without roaming the Oceans like rocky Icebergs.”

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