10 Hated Social Media Trends That Many Wish Would End

Social media is one of the most loved things of today. It has become an important part of everyone’s life. Trends on social media are also a thing. Most of them are super amazing to enjoy. Others are quite annoying. Let’s look at a few annoying social media trends that everyone hates.

1. Selfies 

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The biggest and craziest trend is selfies. You can go on any social media handle, where you will definitely find many people posting selfies. It can be a typical selfie, mirror selfie, or any other kind. No matter how much it may seem cringe-worthy. You will find yourself ending up doing the same. But those who are extra in selfie posting seem really irritating. You might end up unfollowing them due to posting trash content.

2. No Privacy

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The craziest thing about social media is the end of privacy. People share everything on social media. Whether it’s their personal relationship, intimate moments, breakups, achievements, or anything else. What annoys sane people is when they put their kids’ life on social media by vlogging. They don’t even consider the risk it carries when they cancel their own privacy.

3. Overloaded Editing

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Another cringe-worthy trend on social media is the use of excessive editing. People savagely edit their pictures and videos. They like to put strange filters on their posts to make them look downright bizarre. And the most annoying thing is, when something comes in trend, everybody on social media follows the same except in a few rare cases.

4. Self Branding

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With social media’s fame, it has become an excellent source for a talent show. You can use it to showcase your talent. But it becomes annoying when everyone starts self-branding. They use social media handles to publish their life achievements. They also use it to show their material possessions and what a cool thing they are

5. Everyone Is An “Influencer”

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As social media has gained popularity, it has produced many influencers. People do it just for the sake of fun and free items. That’s true because brands sponsor you when you get famous. But it really annoys you when everyone around you tries to influence the public. Telling them this is right and wrong on such pointless things.

6. Hashtag Overusage

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Have you ever opened social media and searched for a thing but got completely different results? That usually happens when people alter search engine algorithms by overusing hashtags. It is an annoying thing that makes you shut off your media instantly.

7. Fake News for Fun

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Promoting fake news on social media has become one of the most cringe trends. People make fake news announcements just for fun. Sometimes creating controversy is another cause behind this. People must understand that with this level of speech freedom, they must use social media for a good cause.

8. Clickbait Thumbnails

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It is a creepy and bizarre thing you might have often seen on social media. People use clickbait thumbnails and titles to get some views and likes. They will put spicy titles and thumbnails on their videos. But when you click to view it, the content is totally changed. You will definitely get annoyed by this trick.

9. Sponsored Content

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When a person has a high following and reach, businesses sponsor them to promote their brands. A bit of sponsorship is acceptable. But it becomes quite a cringe content when everyone is endlessly promoting things. Excessive brand promotion and sponsored content take away the charm of social media.

10. Creating Drama

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One of the biggest annoying trends is drama over social media. People do strange behavior when it comes to social media. It especially resonates with the haters club. They like to call off celebrities and public figures on their social media handles. It creates a toxic environment in their social media handles that annoys everyone.

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