“Stop Eating In Bed” 10 Guilty Pleasures That Are Embarrassing

In daily life, people often experience guilty pleasures that they do not dare to share with anyone. A guilty pleasure can be any activity, behavior, or thought that is personally enjoyable. But their exposure to other people can cause embarrassment. A few guilty pleasures are listed below.

1. Sleep In

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According to people waking up early in the morning helps a person spend a good day. According to social norms, starting and ending your day on time is necessary for prosperity. But sometimes you love to stay in bed for extra time. These moments' gives you joy. After waking up, you feel regret. But soon, you find this is irresistible.

2. Listening to a Song on Repeat

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Few songs are so catchy that music lovers cannot avoid them. But a few fans used to hear it again and again. Listening to this song gives them a vibe that any other song cannot. But this can be annoying for others.

3. Facebook and Instagram Scrolling

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With the advancement of social media culture, many people prefer to use social media apps for entertainment. Many people prefer to spend their luxury time seeing posts on Facebook and Instagram. But over time, some people become so obsessed. They used to keep scrolling posts or reels whenever they managed to get free time. After realization, they often feel embarrassed about it. Still, it gives them so much joy that unleashing it becomes difficult.

4. Eating Weird Food Combination

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A few people love to make food combinations according to their taste buds that seem weird to others. For example, some people combine ice cream with French fries as this is not acceptable by others, so they use it to take this combination only when they are at home.

5. Working Or Eating In Bed

anxiety before bed

According to sleep experts working in bed can make it more difficult to fall asleep there. People need to create separate working spaces for better work and sleep routines. But some people love to do their work on their beds. It gives them a more comfy vibe. But in front of people, they often feel embarrassed to share this habit.

6. Picking Up Mini Soaps and Shampoo

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People love mini soaps and shampoo due to their adorable size and packaging. Some get obsessed with it. Even they used to take it from hostels when checkout. Normally, it is too wired for others, but the obsessed one loves doing it for pleasure.

7. Singing Along to the Music

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Song listening is therapy. It helps a lot to refresh. People listen to music when happy, free, or sad. But few people often like to sing along the music to increase their amusement while driving their car. It often looks odd, but people do it for fun and hide this fact from others.

8. Talking With Pet

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Some people often talk with their pets as if they are a person. They love to share their issues and often ask for their opinion. But after a while, they often laugh about it when they realize they are just animals. But as they are habitual, this conversation helps them a lot to keep them relaxed.

9. Wearing Headphones Without Music

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It is another guilty pleasure people use to attain wearing headphones without music. Sometimes people prefer calm by avoiding everyone. So wearing headphones is a useful trick. It seems justified if you are wearing a headphone and not responding to people. People use this to find an escape because you cannot hear anyone's voice during loud music listening.

10. Taking a Lot of Selfies

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It is human nature to beautify itself to get more attention and admiration. Few people, especially women, love to take selfies to upload on their Instagram accounts. Some people become so conscious about their pictures or selfies. They even prefer to take selfies many times by repeating the same pose to get the perfect one. So that they manage to get more likes and comments on it, this can be quite weird for others. But it gives them satisfaction and joy. They keep used to doing this secretly.

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