“Stop Manipulating Him” Men Cringe At These 10 Things Almost All Women Do

Women wear makeup, and sexy clothes, get fake lashes, etc. Women do all they can to try to make themselves look more attractive. But attraction is in the eye of the beholder, right? So here's a list of what men say is the least attractive things a woman can do.

1. Lie

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One man explains the story of dating a woman he had just recently met. But, unfortunately, he caught her in an elaborate lie that was not even necessary to tell in the first place.

“She was dating multiple guys, including me. It is what it is. But why to lie like that? he asked. “Say sorry, and I need to cancel our plans. I wouldn't have thought anything of it. Instead, she weaved this odd lie that was unnecessary. It was a good warning bell for me, though.”

2. Talk Behind Their Own Friends Back

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When someone talks negatively about someone else behind their back, one has to wonder what is being said about them. One user explains, “I dated this girl for almost a year. Every time her best friend would come around. Afterward, she would complain about her and how she looked, what she said, etc.”

“I finally asked one day why they were friends when clearly she didn't like her very much. But, of course, this caused a huge fight because, apparently, she was like a sister to her. I never did figure out why she would always talk negatively about her “sister,” though.”

3. Being Rude To Wait Staff

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One man said, “I see it as a sign of weakness as well. Those are the type of people that would shoot fish in a barrel and think they're a Marine sniper.”

Another user said, “My partner said that when telling me why he didn't talk much with the family we just had dinner with. I had to fight not to laugh when he said I don't like to spend time with them; they're not good to servers.”

2. Hypocrisy

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“Not reciprocating demands, or demands that she would not agree to,” says one man. “Saying things like, You're not allowed to talk to other girls on social media. Okay, so why are you talking to other guys on social media yourself?”

3. Fake Nails

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One man jokes, “I have never heard a man proclaim, I would date that woman if only her nails were longer!” Another man says, “All fake fingernails usually make me gag. I don't mind nail polish, but those gel nails are a trashy immediate turn-off.”

A third user explained, “The first thing that pops into my head is “You'll use them to gouge out a guy's eyes if you and he disagree or argue about something.” It's like they're weapons! You're human, not a bear with a hair-trigger temper!”

4. Using People To Get Things They Want

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“Stringing people along has to take the cake for me,” explains one man. “I think it makes any person unattractive. For example, I recently cut ties with a woman with whom I had a lot of compatibilities because I noticed she was stringing multiple guys along for attention. I don't tolerate that behavior from friends, much less a potential partner.”

5. The “Karen” Stereotypes

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One user says, “I don't want to be in that kind of relationship. It would be so annoying, embarrassing, and would lead to such a toxic relationship.”

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Another user asked, “If the partner says something, the other will be hurt but better in social or public settings, and embarrassment will be saved. On the other hand, it's a lack of humility to assume your ways are better than others, so in principle, there are no grounds for “correcting” Karen behavior, right?”

6. Being Rude

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One man tells how rudeness is his biggest turnoff, “went on a date long ago with the hottest woman I've seen in real life. went to a bar and she saw an overweight couple walk into the bar and said, “ew, I hate fat people.”

“Why don't they do something?” I had the opportunity to hook up with her at the end of the night and chose not to. she was just so awful.”

7. Pretending To Be Happy and Have a Good Attitude

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“Fake smile and fake a good attitude,” explains one user. “It's one thing when it's an act at your job, like in retail, but If I see you being an unpleasant person, I know your dark side. I don't know what you're hiding if you fake being nice. It's scary and likely something that will come out later in the relationship.”

8. Talk About the Ex Before Being Asked

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One guy replied, “I once went to eat with this extremely attractive woman. Right as we get to the table and sit down, she comments that her ex would never have eaten there because he was vegan.”

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“I don't care where her ex eats, and I didn't need to know that information,” he continues. “She spent the rest of the date comparing everything to her ex, including how I responded to her.”

9. Living on Her Phone

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One man suggested, “Get off your phone! If I take you out on a date, I want to get to know you, not watch you play on your phone, post selfies, or text other people.”

Another user replied, “This goes both ways. Not just for a man, but watching some text someone else while you're out on a date is insulting. Like your company and conversation weren't good enough, they had to reach out to other people.”

10. Self Adsorbed and Being Vain

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“I'm not really into a lot of makeup. Some makeup is ok, I guess,” explains one user. “But when you look completely different after it's washed off, you're wearing too much.”

Another user comments, “I understanding wanting to look your best, but there is a difference between that and trying to look completely different. Shouldn't have to joke about taking a woman swimming on a first date.”

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