Men Think These 10 Things Are Impressive, They’re Really Turn-Offs

Are you a guy wondering why you're striking out with the ladies? It may be time to reassess what you think is cool. Recently on an online platform, women shared about the things that guys think are impressive but are major turn-offs.

1. Don't Put Down Other Women: A Major Turn-off for Women

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Trying to impress a woman by putting down other types of women is ineffective and can be a major turn-off. Instead of boosting your ego, this approach can be rude, shallow, and insensitive. To catch a woman's attention, try valuing and respecting her, not tearing others down.

2. Boasting About Fights and Jail Time: A Turn-off for Everyone

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If you're looking to impress someone, boasting about fights or jail time is not the way to do it. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Such behavior only shows immaturity and poor judgment, leaving a negative impression on the other person. It is advisable to avoid these topics and instead focus on discussing more optimistic subjects.

3. Money on Dating Profiles: A Major Turn-off

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Want to turn a woman off? Try posting a picture of yourself holding a lot of cash on your dating profile. According to one user, this type of display is a major turn-off, and her interest disappears into a black hole as soon as she sees it. While some people may be impressed by such things, it's clear that this tactic isn't attractive to everyone.

4. Being an “Alpha”: Overrated and Unattractive

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Being an “alpha” male and putting others down is not only lame but also unattractive to many. Why waste time discussing the weight of a waitress when there are so many more interesting conversations to be had? The concept of alpha and beta is overrated and pointless, so if you want to impress someone, try being genuine and respectful instead.

5. Sharing Intimate Photos: A Major Violation of Privacy

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Showing intimate photos you received from a woman to others is cheap and despicable. It's a major violation of privacy and shows a complete lack of respect for the person in the photos. Just because someone shared a photo with you doesn't give you the right to share it, so always respect others' privacy.

6. Embrace What You Enjoy: Don't Put Down Others

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Trying to prove your masculinity by putting down other men for their preferences is a major turn-off. It's much more attractive for someone to like what they like, regardless of others' opinions. This type of behavior screams insecurity and shows a lack of confidence. So, embrace what you enjoy and respect others for doing the same.

7. Being Genuine: The Key To Impressing Someone

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According to one respondent, looking serious and “alpha” in your dating site pictures is not necessarily attractive. Instead, they're looking for someone who is friendly, can smile, and isn't trying too hard to portray a certain image of masculinity. To impress someone, try being genuine and showing your true personality.

8. Comparing Women: Not a Compliment

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Comparing women to each other, even if it's meant as a compliment, is not attractive behavior. It's not a compliment if you have to put another woman down to lift another. It can come across as hating women and wanting a physical relationship. To impress a woman, try complimenting her for who she is without comparing her to others.

9. Bragging About Drinking: Not Impressive to Everyone

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According to one unique perspective, bragging about how much you can drink might not impress everyone. The user had dealt with addiction in their early twenties and didn't want to go down that road again. So, it's important to be mindful of what you share with others, as not everyone will find it impressive or attractive.

10. Excessive Party Talk: Not Always Attractive

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Partying is undoubtedly a blast, but let's face it, no one wants to hear you drone on about your past party shenanigans for hours on end. Not only does it fail to showcase your true character, but it can also give off an immature vibe. So, to win someone over, why reveal the other sides of your personality and interests instead of just focusing on your wild partying tales? Who knows, you might surprise them with your hidden depths!

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