10 Surprising Movie Characters That Could Never Be Replaced With a New Actor

Sometimes a show or movie is different with the actors playing the characters. Would we love their characters as much if they were played by someone else? See who people claim could never be replaced in their iconic roles with another.

1. Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter

It was rumored that Jodie Foster even feared Anthony Hopkins for his astonishing portrayal of Dr. Hannibal Lecter. As a brilliant doctor who murdered, dismembered, and made delicate dishes with his victims, the evil behind the character must have been hard to portray. 

Many feel no one could have done the job as well as Anthony Hopkins. 

2. Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow

One user commented, “I think without Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Caribbean wouldn't have been as popular as it's now. It would just have been another pirate movie.”

Many feel Depps' portrayal of an almost cowardly pirate who chose wit and negotiation over forcible fighting in dangerous situations was the best way to handle the character. No one could ever play it better.

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3. Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean

When someone hears Mr. Bean, they immediately think of Rowan Atkinson. Mr. Bean is self-absorbed, immature, and seems not to understand the way the world works. Atkinson embodies the personality, but his body language and facial expressions make the character who he is.

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator

Schwarzenegger portrays the Terminator with such a natural feel he is robotic. So much so that one user suggests, “we hated his character, in the way you would hate a villain, but still loved Arnold because he was a man and the character was not.”

In the sequel, director James Cameron turned the character into the hero, and we loved him even more. “He was so believable as a robot that we cried when we saw how he began to “love” John Connor.”

5. James Earl Jones as (The Voice Of) Darth Vader

While we do not see James Earl Jones, it is no secret he voices Darth Vader. With such an iconic voice, it's no wonder he makes a list, although he never acted in the film.

Voice acting is an art in itself, however. Trying to act as if you're in a situation when you're in a sound booth means you are relying solely on your voice tone and pitch. Jones brought Vader to life for many, and no one could replace him.

6. John Malkovich in Being John Malkovich

Of course, John Malkovich in Being John Malkovich could not have been played by anyone better. However, one user says, “feels like cheating, but it's right. Malkovich did play a Malkovichian character, not himself.”

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7. Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister

Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister was more than just the physicality being spot on. The way he took on that role, to watch him grow from the family embarrassment to the Queen's hand, it's no wonder he won audiences over as a show favorite.

One user reports, “you never knew who could die in that show. No character, no matter how big, was off-limits. So we dreaded it every time we thought Tyrion was getting cut but were happy to see him make it to the end.”

8. Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday

Three decades later, “I'm your huckleberry” is still very common in pop culture. Who could have said it better than Val Kilmer? One user wrote, “such an amazing movie with every actor and actress in it perfecting their roles. And yet Val Kilmer still comes out on top.”

9. Alan Rickman as Severus Snape

Some say watching Alan Rickman reveal the different layers of Severus Snape was so mesmerizing. No one else on screen at the time mattered.

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Some argued that Snapes was supposed to be younger than Rickman and were disappointed by the casting decision until they watched the portrayal of Rickman.

10. Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson

Maybe we love Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson so much because so much of Swanson was mirrored with Offerman. Both love whiskey, play saxophone and have carpentry as a hobby.

Unlike Swanson, Offerman isn't quite so cold and closed off; playing the character of Swanson must have been easy for him as he only had to embellish his already great personality.

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