10 Surprising Myths About Women That Men Seriously Believe

“All women are ____” is a silly notion because women are just people and all different from each other. However, some common myths about women need to be debunked once and for all.

1. Multitasking Masters

Women are better at multitasking. Actually, according to a study, no one is good at multitasking. Just some are better at switching between tasks than others. But are all women better at this? Short answer no; one user wrote, “We're all good at multitasking? Bro, I can barely do one thing at a time.”

2. We Go to the Bathroom Together to Gossip

The reasoning for women going to the bathroom in groups may actually be more psychological than most realize. There is safety in numbers, and many women are taught to be cautious in public places from a young age.

One user confirmed, “the actual reason me and a lot of my friends had was that when we started going out without our parents and with our friends, our parents told us never to be alone and always have a friend with you because it wasn't safe.”

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3. They're Better at Chores

No one likes to do chores, but someone has to do them. Some think that women are better at chores because they are more detail-oriented. But even that statement isn't true. One woman wrote, “Nope, I suck, and many women are good only because they are taught.”

4. They Want To Be Chased

No means no unless it means chase me. Or so some boys were taught. When a woman is interested, she makes it known by either body language or verbally expressing it.

“I've had plenty of occasions when I made it very clear that I'm not interested and will never be,” said one user. “I had a face-to-face conversation with them, where we discussed that I wasn't interested, only to find them still pursuing me the next day.”

5. Women Love to Shop

“I hate shopping, especially for clothes!” exclaimed one user. This myth might have merit as women tend to like shopping more than men. But is it the shopping they love, or the act of being around friends and socializing they want from it?

Another user wrote, “I go shopping with my friends sometimes. I don't usually buy anything, but I love to try goofy outfits and hang out having fun with my girlfriends. It's no different than going to a sports bar with your buddies.”

6. Stereotyping Titles

All women are different, just like guys. But frequently, women are put into categories such as gamer girl, tomboy, or girly girl. Some girls can be multiple things; one user wrote, “I like video games, working on cars, and dressing up pretty for date night.”

Another user commented, “Humans are multifaceted, and we all have different experiences. I grew up with only brothers, am athletic, lift weights, have a best friend who is a professional makeup artist, can cook, went to fashion school, and am the breadwinner of my family. You can't put me in a box.”

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7. We All Want Kids

As with some men, women want careers and the freedom to go places or do things whenever they want without the responsibility of another. “Pregnancy is no joke; kids are a lifetime commitment, and not everyone wants to have that!” said one user.

8. Women Are Emotional

Women are known to be emotional, vs. men keep there's bottled. But as one user points out, men are actually very emotional. Anger is an emotion, a mask of real feeling usually. One user explained, “ever see a man watch sports or get told he's wrong about something?”

9. Women Are Born With Maternal Instinct

Not only do some women not want to bear children, but some also lack the “6th sense” of maternal instinct. As a result, not all women are good with children or even have a tolerance for being around them.

One user wrote, “I think it's heavily a social construct where girls are taught to play with baby dolls from a young age, then bear the brunt of housework and child raising.”

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10. Masters of Manipulation

One user writes, “manipulation is not necessarily a bad thing, and I believe everyone does manipulate to a degree and may not even realize they're doing it.” This is not meant as women are all manipulators pretending to be helpless, so men help us, but it is perceived that way.

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