12 Spots Thieves Will Always Check for Your Valuables

One of the most significant things people with valuables have to worry about is theft. When you have a valuable thing, burglars can take it away. No matter where you hide your valuables, burglars will always find them. There are even a few familiar places where they can see your essentials. Here are some top spots burglars might check first.

1. Entrance Mat

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You might have seen in the movies where families put their house keys under their entrance mat. You started doing the same, watching it. Or maybe your parents did it first for your ease. But you must beware, as burglars seem to follow the same rule. Your entrance mat is the first place they will check for a key.

2. Shoe Cabinets

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Many people keep most of their valuable things in their shoe cabinets. Since childhood, we have been trying to store our money in shoes or socks. Burglars might have been doing the same since their childhood. So they never forget to check the shoe cabinets.

3. Kitchen Cabinet

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The most common place where people hide their valuables is the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are known to be the safest place where you can hide any of your valuable things. The reason is that everyone thinks that no thief will ever think about going into the kitchen to steal any valuable item. Burglars have a different mindset where there they always check the kitchen cabinets.

4. Vases

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Another common place where people hide their valuable things, such as money or jewelry, is vases. They think nobody will ever check your vase For expensive or valuable items. But vases are another top spot a burglar ever checks for money or a piece of jewelry.

5. Dresser Drawers

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Your dresser drawer is the first place you put your jewelry and everyday usage things, which are pretty valuable. This might be your carelessness or the convenience that you will place your items in your dresser drawers. You might think you will keep this thing in the safest place when you get the time. Burglar can come and steal that thing before you can put it in a safe place.

6. Living Room Drawers

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 People also put their valuable things in living room drawers. It can be a table in a living room or a cabinet where you can put any of your expensive things. You can also put your money into a living room or your everyday usage things like your iPad etc. If a burglar ever breaks into your house, he is going to check your living room as the top spot where you can put your everyday usage things, which are pretty expensive.

7. Medicine Cabinets

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Some people try to be creative with their valuable things. They might find extraordinary places to hide the things nobody can ever dream of. A medicine cabinet becomes one of those creative places where you can hide your money for expensive stuff like jewelry. But anyhow, burglars know about your medicine cabinets where you can put your valuables, so check them as a top spot.

8. Attics and Basements

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One of the most familiar places a burglar will never miss is your attic and basement. Both are those places where you can put your expensive but useless things. Those things might not be much helpful for you, but a burger can still help them and earn some handsome money from that.

9. Garages

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A garage of a house is like a treasure spot. People put most of their expensive and valuable things in their garages. They might put some tools there, which are pretty expensive. Besides, your vehicle is always going to be in your garage. So when a burger breaks into your house, he can be lucky enough to find some of your most expensive and valuable things in your garage.

10. Portable Safe

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The cases of thefts are getting quite common. In almost every house, people have portable safes. A portable safe has many benefits. You can put any valuable thing in it and put the safe in the safest place in your house. But if a burger finds your portable safe, he will be lucky enough to steal all your expensive things. He might take the safe with him because it’s portable.

11. Wine Cellars

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Not everyone has a wine seller in their house. But if a person has a wine cellar in their home, they have quite some money. It also means that they have some other valuable things that will be so in their home. Wine cellars become another common place to hide some heirlooms. Even if not some most expensive items, a burglar can steal some of the most costly and oldest wine from your wine cellar.

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12. Suitcases

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When you are about to go somewhere with your essentials and valuables, you’ll definitely put them in a suitcase. You also place your requirements in your suitcase when coming home from any place. Burglars know that a bag has a chance of having something valuable in it. So they check it first to see if they found it lying around.

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