10 Terrible TV Shows That Are Impossible to Finish And Should Be Avoided

Ever tried making it through a TV show that keeps worsening each scene? Here are the top 10 shows people cannot finish.

1. Castle (2009)

Image Credit: ABC.

If you're a fan of crime drama shows, you might have heard of Castle. But did you know that according to one dedicated fan, the show's downfall was so unfortunate that they couldn't even make it to the end? The showrunners apparently pushed the series for one too many seasons, leading to the loss of a beloved leader and the eventual cancellation of the show. The viewer even tried to stick it out until season 8, but the writing and horrific exit of the lead character was too much to bear.

2. Supernatural (2005)

Image Credit: The CW.

Supernatural had a devoted fanbase for over a decade, but according to one passionate viewer, the show lost its direction after season 5. The series, which follows two brothers who hunt supernatural creatures, apparently became aimless and lost its spark, causing viewers to lose interest around season 7. The fan couldn't finish despite their initial love for the show.

3. The Walking Dead (2010)

Image Credit: AMC.

Zombies may be the talk of the town these days, but according to a dedicated fan, The Walking Dead lost its appeal after just one missed episode. The later seasons of the post-apocalyptic horror series, which depicts a group of survivors trying to navigate a world that zombies have overrun, were criticized for having a sluggish pace and recurring storylines. While the show may have had a promising start, it seems that even the most devoted fans have their limits.

4. House of Cards (2013)

Image Credit: Netflix.

House of Cards was once a highly acclaimed political drama, but according to one cinephile, even before the Kevin Spacey scandal emerged, the show lost its luster. The viewer lost interest over time and never quite made it to the end. However, the scandal only solidified their decision to stop watching, as it was a final blow to an already lackluster viewing experience.

5. The 100 (2014)

Image Credit: The CW.

Science fiction shows can be hit or miss; for one fervent aficionado, The 100 missed the mark. The show follows a group of teenagers sent back to Earth after a nuclear apocalypse, apparently suffering from a lack of plot and character development. The viewer argued that the characters were allowed to return to Earth too quickly, leaving little time for the audience to become invested in their journeys. As a result, the passionate enthusiast was unable to finish the series.

6. Big Bang Theory (2007)

Image Credit: CBS.

Big Bang Theory was a beloved sitcom for many, but for one enthusiast, it just couldn't hold their attention. While they enjoyed the early seasons, the later ones were not as good, and the show dragged on. Eventually, they lost interest and moved on to other shows. Even Sheldon and the gang couldn't keep this fan laughing.

7. True Blood (2008)

Image Credit: HBO.

The vampire craze of the early 2000s brought us some fantastic shows, but for one critic, True Blood wasn't one of them. According to the reviewer, the plot could have been clearer to keep up with, making it too much effort to continue watching. While the show had its moments, even the most dedicated fans had trouble sticking with it.

8. The Mentalist (2008)

Image Credit: CBS.

The Mentalist had a unique premise and a charismatic lead character, but for one dedicated viewer, it just didn't live up to its potential. Despite being a show fans, they lost interest after a few seasons. The repetitive and formulaic episodes didn't help, and the overarching plot progressed at a snail's pace. Eventually, they lost track of where they were in the series and never bothered to pick it back up.

9. The Flash (2014)

Image Credit: The CW.

Superhero shows have been all the rage in recent years, but for one passionate fan of The Flash, the excitement didn't last. While hooked on the show, they ultimately stopped watching in season three. The plot became too convoluted and repetitive, causing them to lose interest in the characters and their journeys. Even the fastest man alive couldn't keep this fan's attention.

10. Dexter (2006)

Image Credit: Showtime.

Dexter was a groundbreaking show that kept viewers engaged, but for one passionate Redditor, the thrill didn't last. While the show started off incredibly, it just tapered out and got worse with each passing season. Even the most devoted fans couldn't overlook the decline in quality.

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