Road Safety Reminder: 10 Hazards To Watch Out For

Driving is a responsibility, and every driver has to learn to take this responsibility to save themselves and their families. People make some road blunders without knowing their fatal results. Here are such mistakes some people mentioned on an online platform.

1. Distracted Driving

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People commit a lot of road blunders unknowingly and face serious results. Distracted driving is one of those blunders. People do not focus on driving correctly. They prefer multitasking while driving, such as using a mobile phone, eating, drinking, and gossiping. So they do not detect abrupt turns and speedy cars on the roads, which may result in accidents.

2. Over Loading Vehicles

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Overloading vehicles are banned. But some people do not consider this ban and overload their trucks, jeeps, and vans. This overloading can cause pressure on the vehicle and avert the vehicle on the road due to minor turns or slippery roads. It not only destroyed the overloaded vehicle but also many other vehicles nearby. 

3. Extended Rods and Logs on Vehicles

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Logs of wood and iron, and steel rods are the most dangerous on the road. People carry these rods and wood logs on bicycles. These rods are extended and cover a wide range. Other vehicles are unable to watch these roads. Come and strike with these roads. And this may cause the death of persons in both vehicles. 

4. Speeding

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Speeding is another blunder that people make when they are on the road. In a hurry, people forget to consider the car's or bicycle's speed. Some people do this to look cool. But this results in horrible accidents. One survey shows that speeding-related accidents in the USA count at 11,258. and speeding is considered the leading cause of fatalities on the road. 

5. Wrong Way

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Different sides of roads are allocated for different vehicles. Similarly, roads are named as one or two ways to avoid possible mishaps. People who do not follow these rules cause accidents for themselves and others. People think going on wrong way for a few minutes will not do anything. But accidents take a nano-second to happen.

6. Opening Door 

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One more common thing shown on the roads becoming the cause of mishaps is opening vehicle doors. People park their cars on the roadside and open the door without checking both sides of the road. And the fast-coming vehicle can not detect the opening of the door. The coming vehicle crashes into the door. It sometimes became the cause of death or serious injuries.

7. Stopping the Car Suddenly

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Accidents and mishaps can be mitigated if driving is taken as seriously as it is. Instead, people enjoy driving and get amazed with side views. Sometimes,s drivers suddenly stop the car to see the enthralling view or point of interest. But the vehicle behind is unable to predict this sudden break, and in this way, both vehicles crash into each other. 

8. Not Using Signals

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Signals play an important role while driving. It tells the other drivers where one wants to go or take a turn. Some people do not use these signs and make huge blunders. One man wants to take a turn but does not use a signal; he calls the misfortune himself. One commentator stated that he had witnessed a lot of accidents just because of the lack of use of signals. 

9. Overtaking

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One other craze found in people related to roads is overtaking. Some people do it for fun, some for being in a hurry, and some take it as their ego to cut the other driver behind. In all this, they forget that they are on the road and any accidents can happen there. While overtaking the driver, forget about the other cars around. In the USA, there are specified rules for overtaking, but many people do not know them and become the cause of accidents.

10. Not Using Seat Belts

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Using seat belts saves the passenger and driver from serious injuries. People do not consider it compulsory because they are unaware of the lethal consequences of not wearing seat belts. In the USA, 9.2% of people do not wear seat belts.

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