10 DIY Home Improvements on a Tight Budget

When someone buys a house, they wish to convert it into their dream home, but renovations are costly. If you are good at handy housework and have some spare time, get busy with DIY house improvement to maintain/increase your house value. With DIY projects, you can control cost and timing according to your ease and learn a new skill. Let’s dig into some DIY home improvement ideas that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

1. Paint Around House

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If the paint inside and outside is peeling away, repainting it would be great for home improvement. Painting is a satisfactory DIY home improvement as it saves labor, makes space look more appealing, and keeps the house safe from weather damage and insects. A commenter suggested buying paints from the oops shelf of big-box stores in livable colors.

2. Install USB Outlets

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We all need energy-efficient solutions with the current costs of heating and lighting. USB outlets are energy efficient and provide convenience for your electronic devices. It increases the number of charging stations for multiple devices around the house. They also help de-clutter the house and are safer than adapters. One user suggested installing USB outlets for convenience and admitted to doing so in his home.

3. Install GFCI Outlets

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GFCI(Ground-fault circuit interrupter) or GFI(ground-fault interrupter) outlets protect from electric shocks, potentially saving lives. They detect an interruption in current flow and cut the power. A respondent advocated installing them in areas with high water access, like kitchens and bathrooms, or around areas exposed to rain and standing water to avoid accidents.

4. Declutter the Space

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 A clean and clutter-free space living space reduces stress and anxiety. A respondent suggested getting rid of items that are no longer needed in yard sale or giving them to charity. De-cluttering would not only make the space look nice, but it would also make future cleaning easier. Looking for unused clothes, electronics, and cookware is a good option.

5. Maintain Your Yard

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A well-maintained yard is aesthetically pleasing and is the perfect space to rest and relax. Someone noted with experience that simple steps like weeding and pruning bushes and adding new plants can transform a yard’s look and are pocket-friendly. However, another user advised to take account of the climate; maintaining the yard during winter is not recommended.

6. Insulate Everywhere

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Insulation helps all year round by keeping warm in winter and cool in summer. An individual advocated for insulating every corner of the house if they were not and sealing any gaps. Though gaps don’t look significant, small gaps together make a big difference. It also lowers the heating bill and gives good ROI.

7. Install French Drain

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French drains allow water to drain naturally from a yard. It solves soggy yards, wet basements, and foundation issues. A user supported installing these as a DIY home improvement. Another person prompted that installing them two feet deep can be done with the help of a shovel, but if anyone wants to install deeper, they might need to rent a trencher (not cheap).

8. Recycle/Up

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Recycling/upcycling things is a great DIY and very satisfying. A little creativity can turn anything into phenomenal and practical art pieces. Someone suggested spending some time at the dumpster, digging for stuff that can be repurposed into household items like furniture, old bottles, wooden pallets, etc. It will decorate the house and will be great for environmental sustainability.

9. Caulk Kitchen/Bathroom

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Caulking is a preventive measure against all kinds of damage, including water damage, a user suggested. Caulk, due to its flexible nature, can be applied everywhere, from windows to walls and plumbing. It is essential for bathrooms and kitchens, where chances of mold, mildew, and moisture damage are high.

10. Reseal Ceramic Tiles

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A respondent urged resealing ceramic tiles. Sealing ceramic tiles, specifically the grout, protects them from staining, wear and tear. Builders apply an initial seal during construction, but it tends to wear off over time, so resealing from time to time is needed for maintenance. Tile sealers are easy to replace and are cost-effective.

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