Not Cool: 10 Actions Guys Need to Rethink

In the ever-evolving landscape of attraction and dating, men often find themselves navigating a delicate balancing act between showcasing their individuality and adhering to societal expectations of what is considered “cool.” From fashion choices to hobbies and mannerisms, there seems to be a common assumption among many guys that certain behaviors and interests automatically make them more appealing to potential partners. However, as we delve deeper into the realms of genuine connection and understanding, it becomes clear that what men believe to be cool may actually be significant turn-offs to others.

1. Speed Driving to Impress: Turn-Off for Dates

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Do you know what a major turn-off for an insightful observer is? Reckless driving! And to make things worse, every gentleman who has picked her up on a date seems to think they're Vin Diesel in The Fast and the Furious, speeding and leaning one arm out the window like a fool. It makes her wonder if they're trying to kill her!

2. Bragging About Unwanted Attention: Instant Turn-Off

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If you want to impress someone, it's best not to brag about your many admirers if you're not interested in reciprocating their feelings. It's a major turn-off that shows a lack of sincerity and can quickly push her away. Boasting about your admirers can make the other person feel like they're just another notch on your bedpost, and who wants that?

3. Flirting Overload: Give Me a Conversation, Not Just Flattery

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Regarding a creative conversationalist, constant flirting is not the way to go. While flirting can be cute at first, she's more interested in a meaningful conversation without constant interruptions about her appearance. A real connection comes from deeper discussions, and excessive flirting can make it feel like it's all just a game.

4. Cologne Overdose: A Choking Hazard

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A scent-savvy commentator strongly opposes cologne use: less is more! Men who douse themselves in cologne are not doing themselves any favors. A light mist is all it takes, and the scent should be pleasant without being overpowering. So, spray a little before you and step through it before getting dressed. That way, you'll have a pleasant scent without giving everyone around you a headache.

5. Motorcycling Without Gear: Not Cool

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Here's a safety-conscious commenter's tip: if you want to ride a motorcycle and look cool, wear proper protective gear! A scarf is not protective gear, and it's not worth risking injury or death to look “cool.” Protective gear is essential for safety while riding a motorcycle, so wear the necessary equipment before hitting the road.

6. Bad Attitude Towards Waitstaff: Red Flag Alert

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Guys who treat the waiting staff like they're beneath them are a major turn-off for an etiquette enthusiast. She firmly believes that how someone treats their server is the biggest indicator of their personality. Good manners like “please” and “thank you” are expected, and rudeness and unreasonable behavior are despised. Just because someone is paying for a service doesn't give them the right to be disrespectful towards someone doing their job.

7. Insecure Drink Orders: Order What You Want

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Here's a confident commentator's advice: don't try to prove your masculinity by rejecting “girly” drinks. It's a huge turn-off, and it only shows your insecurity, not your confidence. If you're comfortable in your own skin, you should order whatever you want without feeling the need to justify it. It's much more attractive when a guy is confident and secure in himself rather than trying to fit into society's narrow definition of masculinity.

8. Paying for First Date: An Uncomfortable Power Shift

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An independent-minded user has a unique perspective on paying for the first date. While it's always nice for the gentleman to offer to pay, she feels uncomfortable owing them anything or having an unequal power balance in the relationship. Instead, if she says no, they should split the check without making a big deal. She believes that this doesn't make them less of a man and is a more respectful approach.

9. Too Much Fortnite Talk: Can We Talk About Something Else

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Are you a gaming aficionado? Well, here's a tip: constantly talking about Fortnite is a huge turn-off. The user finds it exhausting to hear guys obsess over Fortnite and would appreciate more diverse conversations. So, next time you're having a gaming conversation, try including other popular games like Minecraft.

10. Insecure Masculinity: Just Be Confident

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A discerning user knows what she wants, and what she doesn't want is guys refusing to do something because they think it's shot against their masculinity. For instance, refusing to admit whether they find another male attractive or not just because they fear being labeled as gay. This kind of behavior is insecure and unattractive, and it doesn't make the guy sound tough but rather lame. Such attitudes only reflect one's own insecurity and narrow-mindedness.

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