Bruh,10 Everyday Phrases That Make People Cringe

Have you ever heard a word that made you cringe or feel uncomfortable for no apparent reason? Sometimes, certain words can trigger a negative response in us, even if there's nothing inherently wrong with them. Now we will explore some weird words that make people cringe irrationally, as mentioned by individuals from different backgrounds and experiences.

1. Influencer

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The word ‘influencer' has become a cringe-worthy term for many people, as the idea of people making a living by promoting products and services on social media platforms doesn't sit well with everyone. The word “influencer” has also become associated with narcissism and self-promotion, making some people cringe at the mere mention of it.

2. Totes

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This abbreviation for “totally” has become a popular slang term among younger generations, but it's just too much for some people. The word's abbreviated form can make it sound juvenile or overly casual, leading to a cringe reaction from those who prefer more formal language.

3. The Phrase ‘Lump Sum'

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While receiving a lump sum of money may be exciting, the phrase can be cringe-inducing for some people. The term “lump” can evoke images of a lump of coal or an unsightly bump, making the phrase feel unappealing to some.

4. Hubby, Wifey, or Smellie

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These terms of endearment may be popular in certain circles, but for others, they can be cringe-worthy. The use of “hubby” and “wifey” can come across as overly cutesy, while “smellies” (a British term for toiletries) can be jarring to those unfamiliar with the word.

5. Mispronouncing

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In some cases, mispronouncing words can be cringe-worthy, especially when it comes to commonly mispronounced words like “nuclear.” The incorrect pronunciation can be seen as a sign of ignorance or a lack of education.

6. Cringe

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Have you ever experienced that gut-wrenching feeling that comes from witnessing something painfully awkward or uncomfortable? That feeling is often described using the word “cringe.” In recent years, the use of this word has skyrocketed, especially in internet culture, where it's become a go-to descriptor for anything that induces secondhand embarrassment. Whether it's a cringe-inducing performance or a social faux pas, “cringe” has become the perfect word to encapsulate that icky feeling that we all want to avoid. 

7. Spatula

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On the other hand, the word “spatula” may not seem particularly offensive, but some people find it cringe-worthy due to how it sounds or feels when spoken. The mouthfeel of the word may trigger a physical response in some individuals.

8. P**** Gag

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This phrase is often used to describe something that is so cringe-worthy or embarrassing that it makes you want to gag. The use of the word “p****” in this context can be seen as unnecessary or overly sexual, which can make people cringe.

9. Triggered

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Have you heard the word “triggered” being thrown around lately? It's a word that has gained massive popularity, especially in the world of social media. Essentially, it refers to a strong emotional reaction to something. Unfortunately, it's often used in a negative context and can be associated with over-sensitivity or being easily offended. Some people even use it to mock others who express their emotions. 

10. Bruh

Man stressed
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You may have heard the slang “bruh” being thrown around. This little word has taken the world by storm, quickly becoming a go-to phrase for anyone wanting to show a sense of familiarity or camaraderie with others. “Bruh” can be used in a variety of ways, from expressing disbelief or shock, like “Bruh, did you really just do that?” to conveying annoyance or frustration, such as “Bruh, why are you always late?” It's a universal term that can express a wide range of emotions, from humor to irritation, making it an intriguing and sometimes cringe-worthy word all at once.

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