The Art of Speedrunning: 10 Record-Breaking Runs in Gaming History

The thrill of setting records in a game is second to none for speedrunners. Due to their dedication to their favorite video games, they have set extraordinary world records in gaming history. Let's look at the most remarkable run records ever made by speedrunners.

1. Super Mario 64

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It is the most popular speedrunning game with highly competitive players. Looking at this game, you will be astonished that 274 players have recorded extraordinary runs. The speedrunner named Cheese has made an unbeatable running record in Super Mario 64 with a time of 1 hour 38 minutes and 51 seconds. With the increase in the popularity of speed running records, enthusiastic Super Mario 64 players are preparing themselves with invincible skills.

2. The Legend of Zelda

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An action adventure, The Legend of Zelda, incorporates the element of action RPG games. Few runners succeeded in making the records in this game. The latest record of The Legend of Zelda is made by the player “Torje.” He set the record below 17 minutes for the very first time. As this game becomes increasingly popular, it receives full stars across many online gaming platforms, forcing more players to set new records.

3. Celeste

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The latest record-breaking run is made with the record of 25 minutes 55 seconds 262 milliseconds. A player named “secureaccount” made this record on January 7, 2023. The game is set on a young female character, Madeline. Players have to face the most complicated personal challenges and climb the Celeste mountain to set new targets. You will just want to cross your game screen during extreme mountain climbing trials.

4. Super Mario Bros

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An American speedrunner, Niftski broke his previous record on August 7, 2021, in Super Mario Bros. He recorded his play run of 4 minutes, 54.798 seconds. Just by 83 milliseconds, Niftski crossed his previous record and set a new challenging run for the competitors. You may not be impressed by this speed run. But after knowing the barriers players face in Super Mario Bros, this 4-minute and 54-second record will be enough to make you go crazy.

5. Bloodborne

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Setting records in an action game, Bloodborne is challenging enough to put you in breathtaking moments. The player named Insilico set the record of 19:54 in this game last summer. The game is thrilling because of its character, Hunter, who is on the way to controlling bloodborne diseases in Yharnam. While fighting with the beasts, you'll feel the extreme excitement as you're in a war with inhuman creatures.

6. Grand Theft Auto 5

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GTA 5 is the most amusing and competitive speed-running game. According to an average playthrough, GTA 5 needs 31.5 hours to be completed. But the speedrunner, Burhac, set the world's unbreakable record by completing this game in 5 hours, 56 minutes, and 47 seconds. He broke his own records many times. Competitive runners found this record without skipping any missions genuinely remarkable.

7. Dark Souls III

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It's nearly impossible to set outstanding records in Dark Souls III with its challenging action gameplay. After practicing for many years, a player, Happy Hob, succeeded in setting a world record. His skills to beat the Dark Souls trilogy without any damage and hits from the enemies made him the best player ever. The current Drak Soul III record is 1 hour, 24 minutes, and 19 seconds.

8. Doom

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While playing Doom, even a single blink can prove a disaster for your whole gameplay. Gamers found it the most challenging and the toughest video game for setting a record. However, a player known as “4shockblast” set the record of 8 seconds in this game. He broke the previous Doom's record after about 20 years.

9. GoldenEye

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Speedrunner Karl Jobst storms through the Bunker level from GoldenEye on Nintendo 64 in just 16 seconds. Knowing what's going on from the camera pointing down to repeatedly using Bond's watch makes this game challenging initially. Players have to expertly combat with its levels, such as recovering the objects and shooting the enemies to set unique records.

10. The Last of Us

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The speedrunner, Anthony Caliber, currently holds “The Last of Us” world record with a 2:51:14 run. In this game, you have to combat the hostile and cannibalistic creatures with improvised weapons. To break the previous records, players must kill the enemies without taking damage. Record-breaking has become a highly coveted goal for speedrunners due to this challenge.

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