10 Behaviors That Can Quickly Tip You Over the Edge

We all love to be treated well and with respect. There's a limitless charm to it. When you show respect to someone, who knows, it might just turn yesterday's enemy into today's friend.

But the respect quotient gets a hit when it's no longer being served. Here's a list of 10 Behaviors That Can Instantly Make You Lose It:

1. Bragging

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Do you like Jennifer, who doesn't stop bragging about how rich she is and, well, her new iPhone 15? No one likes anyone like that, and certainly not Jennifer. A short statement put by someone in the comments is “Bragging.” Another one explains it in more depth. They say that even making stuff up that anyone with average intelligence knows is dung.

One more expresses that bragging for sure loses respect. They add that instead of seeming confident, it just comes across as a desperate need for validation.

2. Believing Fake News

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Fake news spreads like fire, doesn't it? Once an actor was said to have passed away, it was fake news, of course. Later that afternoon, he posted on his official Instagram that the news was fake and he was still alive. A user added that what makes them lose it for someone is believing fake news without any questions and sharing it online.

Many others agree 100% with this statement. Someone added that Facebook is filled with such people. Another one shares that they left Facebook for this very reason.

3. Manipulating/Gaslighting/Lying

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People who manipulate you, gaslight, and even lie to you are some people you are better off without. A user has shared their experience, saying that manipulating/gaslighting/lying are some things that make them lose it. They mention that they grew up with too many of such kinds of people.

Someone further adds that they always say how they'd much rather get beat up and screamed at than gaslit, but sadly, they got all the above. Getting punched didn't make them question what's real, they say.

4. Harming Animals Needlessly

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Animals are our cute and cunning furry friends. It goes without saying that they don't deserve harsh conduct either. One of the commenters says that when people harm animals needlessly, it is then that they completely lose it for those people.

Another user shares their perspective, saying that it's so true and that the only reason someone should intentionally hurt an animal is if they are starving and have no food. But humans made that easy, so humans don't need to hurt animals intentionally, they add.

5. Please & Thank You

Grateful Woman
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Saying Please and Thank You to anyone doesn't cost a cent, and yet it might change the whole world for another. One of the people in the comments says it makes them lose respect for someone. Usually, they don't use “Please” and/or “Thank You” when interacting with wait staff, a store cashier, etc.

Someone shares their unique perspective and says that they don't say “Please” and “You're Welcome.” They seem to think it's just a weird forced tradition, but they say thank you and add that manners are important.

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6. Bad Mouthing Someone

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Gossiping behind someone's back is all fun and games until you find out your best friend bad-mouthed you with your other friend. Yep, that hits deep. It would instantly make you lose respect for someone when you come to know that they bad-mouthed you. Such is the perspective of another user.

They say they lose respect for someone when someone bad-mouths another. And then moves on to the next person and bad-mouths the last.

7. Treating Kids Badly

Angry mother threatening her daughter at home
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Why would someone treat their child like trash? They are little innocent devils, but they don't deserve harsh treatment, do they? This is linked to a user's personal experience. They share that they were at the grocery store the other day, and some mom just kept cussing out her young child, who they presumed was under 4.

They add that the child was crying too and just curious. But the mom knocked things out of her child's hand and continued verbally assaulting the poor thing. That's why they think treating kids badly makes them lose it instantly.

8. Ignorance

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Ignorance is bliss, but ignoring a fact, a stat or some intellectually correct statement isn't bliss—it's a disaster. Some say that ignorance makes them instantly lose it. They further explain that if someone doesn't know or understand something, that's fine.

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But if they get the feeling that the other person does not WANT to know, just because they can't be bothered to listen/read/think for 30 seconds? That's a no-go, and anyone would instantly lose it for them.

9. Disagreement Without Being Unkind

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We can all disagree with someone's opinion by being kind, can't we? No need to be rude in that aspect. However, another adds that for them, it's when someone can't have a discussion or disagreement without being unkind. And treating anyone with different opinions or beliefs, they say, like the other person is being stupid or bad.

Someone added to this comment that maturity, like, everyone doesn't have to agree about everything. They share their perspective further and add that can't people just be willing to agree to disagree and move on? Or, if it needs to be discussed, self-reflect a bit. Dang!

10. Being insensitive

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Being insensitive about a thing or someone is one way of flushing your respect down the drain. A sensible user in the comments says that some people say things that VERY visibly offend somebody.

They continue to say that people will continue adding to what offensive stuff someone says. They say it's like their insensitivity knows no bounds.

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