Here’s Why Cats Enjoy Freedom While Dogs Stay Leashed

Cats are adorable but are quite pampered toddlers. While the eternal debate between dogs and cats rages on, one burning question steals the spotlight—why do cats revel in freedom while dogs stay tethered? Here is an insight scoop of why dogs are always leased while cats are free to go.

Dogs Love to Hunt in Territories

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The first thing to note is that they often target prey smaller than themselves, while dogs exhibit territorial tendencies. Drawing from this insight, users share their fondness for cats and dogs, but he shares that dogs have more tendencies to attack than cats. When dogs roam free, they form packs and attack wildly.

Cats Don't Chase

Two cats running
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Have you heard a story of a person being chased by cats? Never! But dogs seem to have a penchant for chasing humans, bikes, cars, bugs, flies, and anything that captures their interest. A biker shares that it is horrifying for him whenever he encounters a dog and it starts chasing him.

Maximum Dog Attacks

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One of the online contributors shares stats that there were approximately 30,000 fatalities attributed to dog attacks worldwide last year, ranking dogs as the third most lethal animal to humans. Another woman shared that two kids were killed in her neighborhood by a dog pair. Surprisingly, the dogs had never exhibited any signs of aggression.

Cats Normally Hide in Panic

Cat Sleeping in Sun
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Cats often hide in panic in heavy traffic, accidents, and noise. But dogs are mostly uncontrollable. On the other hand, dogs, according to a woman's perspective, pose a lot of inconveniences in terms of traffic, gardens, and footpaths compared to cats. She also added that she has witnessed a lot of dog attacks and zero cat attacks.

Cats are Self-Sufficient

Cat in box
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Cats are known for their self-sufficiency. Some individuals claim that in rural areas, they can procure their sustenance. They can hunt down small animals like mice and birds and are not dependent on humans. In contrast, a dog owner expresses that he cannot imagine leaving his dog without food because the animal can get frustrated and hungry.

Dogs Form Packs

Two dogs
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As already discussed, the dogs hunt in packs. If your cat runs away, it will mainly live alone on a tree or near a trashcan. But stray dogs form packs and are likely to attack. We all can agree with a local resident who says that he is afraid of dog packs in his area as dogs are growing in number day by day.

Cats Don't Love to Be Shackled

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Cats are wild, and you cannot tie them with rope. Upon recounting the experience, a vet mentions that cats can become restless and are likely to attack when you tie them with a rope. You cannot leave the dogs unleashed because they need to be appropriately trained so they might not threaten humans.

Spread Diseases

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Do you know that cats hide when they get ill? But dogs can spread a lot of diseases. A man highlights the severity of rabies as a prime example by adding that there have been hundreds of cases reported in the past ten years of people getting rabies. The dogs can spread their body waste everywhere, but cats cover them. Thus, it can cause more diseases.

Leashing The Dogs is the Rule

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Leashing the dogs is a must and a rule in many places of the world. An on-duty officer from a specific area uncovers the importance of this regulation, sharing that it is a requirement. He has cynophobia and says it makes him feel free to roam as the dogs are leased. The law was implemented because two pet dogs attacked children in the park. 

Dogs Can Be Aggressive

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Although many dog owners are ignorant of their dogs, they can be aggressive. Agreeing to this, a dog parent praises his dog for being calm and very kind to everyone. But once, he attacked a mailman. So now he leashes the dog every time. The dogs can be aggressive, and we are unsure when they can attack.

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