10 Ways Daily Conversations Can Lead to Deeper Feelings

Friendship is a beautiful connection between two souls. When an individual is heard, known, and valued by someone, it sometimes develops a spark between the two or in only one. However, most men take a leap from friendship to deep feelings. Here's why it happens:

1. Emotional Vulnerability

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Usually, men think they aren't supposed to be emotionally vulnerable with anyone, even not with their friends. According to a respondent, men grow up thinking friendships are a mutual interest and fun thing. And on the other hand, romantic relationships are their only source of emotional fulfillment and support. In contrast, women found vulnerability and emotional support integral to friendship. Regarding romantic relationships, emotional vulnerability is also a part of many others. 

While women tend to be just good friends, men think they may be romantically interested. She further added that this is the main reason why women can easily keep their physical attraction/deep feelings away from friendships and men cannot.

2. Role to Make the First Move

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Regarding dating, it is primarily the guys who must make the first move! A guy shared his thought-provoking perspective, which confirmed this statement. Another commentator added that if some guy does not make the first move, the girl would either think that he is not interested or she would end up with another guy who asked her first. In this way, boys tend to be a bit possessive about their female friends, which makes their feelings grow.

Another user expressed that he had lost a potential relationship after having daily conversations as he was scared of crossing the boundary. After four years of her being married to another person, during a conversation, he found out she was interested and always wondered why he never made the first move. 

3. Proximity

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When a girl and a boy are around each other more often, they can quickly develop feelings for each other. A user discussed that people often end up in relationships when they are in proximity; it just comes naturally. Another user added that there is no offense in having a liking for your friend when they are in your proximity. He further commented on why it's such a big deal?! It is so much better than dating blindly or with someone you met via dating apps. 

Relationships bloom when you know the person deeply, purely by chance. This is how people usually meet their partners; they are in their proximity, so they get to know them better. 

4. Attraction

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A contributor alleged that almost 95% of the straight guys who are friends with women are already attracted to them from the start. That is why they are there for them all the time! He added that when they become close friends or start to have daily conversations, then obviously, the guys' feelings are bound to get amplified. 

Another user stated that most of the guys love to get in the friend zone. They tend to stay loyal, be great friends with girls, and make a deeper connection with them by talking to them daily in the hope of breaking out of the friend zone and taking a step ahead in the relationship.

5. Biological Aspect

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Men, by nature, crave attentiveness and are very much starved for attention. They could easily mistake friendliness for interest and attraction. The hormones are all raged up, and things tend to get out of control when they make their mind up for their feelings. 

An individual acknowledged that most women can get a date by just tapping their fingers if they want one. However, it takes time for most guys to do it. The consequence comes as loneliness. This is why a guy can quickly get his hopes up and get involved when talking to a nice girl.

Another individual shared that there are times that, first, there is only friendship. However, with time, one can get romantically involved with the other. This could happen for any reason. Mainly because of the biological aspect of two different genders are bound to compel or be attracted towards each other. 

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6. Level of Understanding

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Men usually look for the same things in romantic relationships as they experience in their friendships. A contributor explained that a man usually feels attracted to someone when his values and hobbies are aligned with the person he is spending his time with. He added that when this happens, the person starts to feel attracted.

Another contributor said that it comes naturally to a man. When you are friends with a beautiful woman who has a bunch of qualities that you respect, you might accidentally fall for her! It's just in man's nature to be attracted to women with mutual interests and understanding. 

7. Exposure Effect

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There is a psychological phenomenon that an individual tends to prefer things that are familiar to him. It is called a mere exposure effect, also termed the familiarity principle in social psychology. That is why friendships can leap deep feelings due to the exposure effect.

A respondent discussed that just like a person prioritizes a known particular brand to buy from, the same is the case scenario with a loyal, friendly girl. Due to the familiarity, open discussions and talking, and spending quality time together, men usually go for the familiarity concept in relationships. 

8. Platonic Friendships are Rare

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It may sound a bit offensive, but many voted that, generally, men and women cannot be friends! There could be exceptions, but most of the time, it's the other way around.

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A user elaborated that if two people of opposite genders are placed together somewhere close where they spend some quality time together, the result will surely be that one of them will develop feelings for the other! He further added that there would be a minority of people who would be emotionally intelligent to a level that can have platonic friendships with the opposite gender. 

9. Having All the Ticks

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What do men usually want in their romantic partners? They want a partner who is always ready to talk and share stuff with them, texts first without giving it a second thought, is enthusiastic while meeting or making plans, and, above all, is trustworthy!

A commentator exclaimed that usually, most of the female friends offer the things mentioned above. At the same time, the prospect looks like she could only tick some of the boxes. In such a scenario, why wouldn't a person develop feelings for a friend when he could get it all from her?

10. Society

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We live in a society where there is an expectation from men to behave and carry themselves in a certain way! They are not allowed to cry or to share feelings. The expectation is to cope with society and show how strong they are! In such a scenario, a girl as a friend enters his life where he is allowed to be the real him all the time! What do you think will happen next? A respondent asked!

A second user shared his experience where he said he did not get much affection from his close family. The only person he could open up to was his female friend, which was a new experience for him. He couldn't help falling for her!

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