10 Reasons Why Raising Girls Feels Harder Than Boys

Boys are going to be boys, and girls are sweet little angels. Is that always the truth, though? Maybe it's the other way around, and raising boys is easier than raising girls. It does seem unsightly at first, but your perspective is going to change soon.

Let's understand teenage battles. Here are 10 Reasons Raising Boys Seems Easier Than Girls

1. Overprotective of Daughters

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Many parents are quite overprotective of their daughters. That's mainly because of the stereotype that girls aren't strong, they are feeble, and so on. A user says that it's a fact that parents are always more overprotective of their daughters than their sons.

They say it's the stereotype that a male can look after himself and isn't as vulnerable.

2. Boys Have Simple Issues

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One of the commenters is a dad of a teen girl. He says that she ignores her therapist. She hangs out with people who are awful role models. She lets people manipulate her in her pursuit of social acceptance.

Then he adds that his friends with boys report more mundane things like not showering, not cleaning, sleeping too much, being forgetful, and not thinking before doing. Those are vastly easier to parent, the teen girl's dad summarizes.

3. Boys Move On

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Another dad of pre-teen girls and also a boy shares his experience. He says that girls rip each other apart at school. Mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually sometimes. Boys fight it out and then move on.

He shares that it takes him hours to untangle the web of lies her classmates put her through each day. It takes him 5 minutes to tell his boy to “keep his hands up at all times.”

4. Anorexia Nervosa

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It's an eating disorder developed in teen girls when they stop eating because they think they are ‘fat.' A parent says that they are currently on the couch next to their youngest daughter in the hospital because she stopped eating. The machine is beeping because her heart rate is so low, and it is in danger of stopping.

They say that she was doing so well at school and in her hobbies and seemed so full of life. Now, we're working to keep her alive. Boys don't get affected by Anorexia Nervosa or their body shape.

5. Pesky Emotions

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Someone in the comments says that as teen boys, they were taught they weren't allowed to have pesky emotions that their parents would have to deal with, and they learned to suppress them.

Meanwhile, they add, teen girls are treated like 5-year-olds who don't know any better about anything and need constant rules and supervision. It's a disservice to both genders, they conclude.

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6. Less Drama with Boys

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A parent shares that It all depends on the person, not their gender. They raised five kids. Three girls, two boys. One of their boys is no drama and joined the Navy. They are very proud of him. The other boy had a rough adolescence, which included drugs and jail. Now that he's 24, he's finally maturing and trying to get his life back on track.

The girls, though, they mention. Tons of rebellion, lying, stealing, drama, fighting, car accidents, etc. Having to go to court because your daughter skips school all the time to hang out with her boyfriend is unnecessary stress they could do without.

7. Less Worry About Sons

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Another parent shares that they have a son and daughter. Their son is two years older. It is “easier” to raise their son because they have less worry about what can happen to him on his own, going to or from work, or just not being here.

They fear every day that their daughter will leave the house by herself as they know the type of people that prey on young women.

8. Girls Change More

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One of the users, also a parent, says that girls also change their personality and interest a LOT more dramatically—leaving parents standing stunned that nothing's working and they've ‘lost' their kid. They have not; they've just had this false image in their head of what they thought they wanted their child to be.

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And *shock and horror* She turns out to be her person. Boys go through much less change and much less drastic—and this is their personal opinion.

9. Boys Suppress Emotions

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Another one in the comments adds that teen boys experience a lot of the same emotions, experiences, and insecurities as teen girls. The difference is that society has forced them to internalize everything lest they be seen as weak wussy.

They say that to show those emotions is to show weakness, and it's the ones that ARE allowed to show it (teen girls) that would hurt them the most if they did.

10. Attitude in Girls

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We have another parent in the comments who says he has one of each, a 16-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl.

They say that their son has always been far more emotionally stable than their daughter. Their daughter is only just 12, and already the attitude and hormones are raging, as they have summed up.

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