10 Interesting Insights into the World of Tiny Home Living

It's really crucial to understand how to live in minimal spaces, especially homes. Many things make or break the experience of micro-living, whether it be the size of a family or the motive behind living in a small space. Here are some of the micro-living experiences that you might want to know about.

1. All in One Space

Crowded Woman
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While we think that it is convenient to have everything at arms-length, it's actually not all that convenient because having everything at arms-length means one thing: clutter. A 20-year-old woman shared her experience living in a tiny home and stated that having no clear delineations of space is psychologically annoying. Plus, it created distractions and a lack of focus for her, which is understandable. 

2. Home on a Boat

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Who said you can only live in a square-structured house? I guess life is too short to spend in a boring home. A single man shared how he lives on a 55ft x 6'10” narrowboat. The best thing is that there are no loud neighbors, but he experiences harsh winters. Another person shared their love for winters on the boat they live in, as it's easier to warm up than cool down in the summer.

3. Mindfulness

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So far, living in a tiny home is mostly easier for single folks. An RV owner who lives alone with their cat shared that despite all the problems with micro-living, it's cozy and helps them be more mindful. They also added that it can get a little claustrophobic at times, but overall, it's a nice experience and saves you from lengthy electricity bills.

4. No Space for Presents

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Thirteen years of living in a minuscule house is enough to master the micro-living experience. And someone actually lived 13 years in a rented mini-house. They shared that they saved a ton of money, and all the while, they found it cute. However, it was impossible to host dinners, let alone have space for presents people gave them. Another person added how even a meal in a Tupperware annoys them.

5. Sound-Proof Washroom

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Nobody wants anyone to hear the amplified bathroom noises. It's worse if you have a habit of singing in the shower. An experienced micro-living guy shared useful tips from his own experience, including double soundproofing in the washroom and a portable heater and AC. Plus, foldable or multi-purpose furniture to save as much space as you can. 

6. Bumping Into Things

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One person portrayed the downsides of living in a small space. They shared how they are tired of banging into furniture, and cleaning the bathroom is a hassle as it's difficult to reach into cramped spaces. Loneliness is inevitable, and the effect on social life is also prominent, as the same person confessed that they miss having friends over or throwing dinner parties. 

7. Fighting the Cold

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If you're someone who cannot tolerate the harsh winters, then living in a 1-person house would not be the best option. However, micro–living enthusiasts shared some tips and tricks to eliminate the cold. One person shared that they used a small space heater, while another used an electric oil radiator. They also added that The electric oil radiator is the best option as it is less dangerous. 

8. Masterclass in Decluttering

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Like I said and one person shared, you learn a lot about mindfulness and economic living. A home-owner shared their experience of staying organized in a tiny home that made them prioritize what truly matters and let go of unnecessary stuff. They basically called it a masterclass in decluttering.

9. Fool the Thieves

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While others find it hard to live the micro-living lifestyle, others thrive off of its advantages. Another enthusiast shared their experience and described it as fantastic, less cluttered, and easy to clean. Moreover, thieves think small means poor and avoid it. They also added that you should live in a small house if you don't have a family.

10. Affordability

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The constant experience that every small home-owner loves is that your savings boost up. One person shared how the extra income helps them to spend more on themselves and travel the world. Another loves the fact that water and electricity bills are pretty low; nobody likes paying heavy bills anyway.

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