10 Inventions That We’ve Become Dependent On

Looking back at our lives, we can all imagine how technology has revolutionized us over the past years. The inventions have transformed our living ways by making us entirely dependent on them. Here are discussed the top game-changing inventions of the past millennium, whose absence can be enough to ruin our lives.

1. Printing Media

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We all know that printing media is a vast source of information distribution. The invention of the printing media has given the public access to be in contact with events happening nearby. One of the commenters shared on a trustworthy platform that printing media has allowed everyone to get an education easily. Another person mentioned that without printing media, it was impossible to establish an education system in universities.

2. Internet

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Everybody, from children to older men, understands the advantages and uses of the Internet. The Internet has revolutionized all aspects of life. A contributor mentioned that the Internet has made fast delivery of updates possible. Everyone can get the latest news in a few seconds with the Internet. It has made it possible to carry all the information worldwide in a small device.

3. Penicillin

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The mass population could have died if penicillin had not been invented. A person has highlighted the importance of this penicillin in an easily understandable statistical way. He stated that before the invention of penicillin, it took 125 years for the population to increase from 1 billion to 2 billion. But after penicillin was invented, the population changed from 2 billion to 8 billion in less than 100 years. 

4. Ammonia

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Have you ever thought about what will happen if one day we cannot meet the increasing population's food demand? To overcome this problem, fertilizers such as ammonia have been introduced into the market. An individual expressed that one-third of the population would not exist if ammonia were not invented. The absence of ammonia would become the prominent cause of femininity worldwide.

5. Computer

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If we go into our childhood, we will remember that computer was the first invention that used to seem very exciting to us. In offices, it has transformed the way they work. A commenter stated that the computer has allowed us to complete work in 50 years, which could take 950 years if the computer was not invented. And that is true. If we go through the inventions around us, we will know that they are nothing but the altered form of a computer.

6. Electricity

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You may find yourself at zero when you imagine your life without electricity. Electricity has made life easier and widened the ways for new technologies. A commenter described that the accessibility of electricity at lower costs has modernized everyone's life. One more person depicted its importance by saying that you can imagine what life would be if we had no electricity to run the motors. 

7. Sanitation

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Sanitation holds the same importance for human life as healthy food does. Humans can't survive if they are not supplied with clean water supply. And think about the health conditions if you do not have adequate sewage disposal properly. The sanitation invention has eradicated all these risks from human life. An individual stated that sanitation is the most important invention of the last thousand years.

8. Roads

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The road construction has made traveling easy and widened the pathways for advancing ages. It shortened long distances and allowed you to cover them in a few minutes rather than hours. You can access the technologies easily, even if they are inaccessible in your area. Considering all of its advantages, an individual selected roads as the greatest invention in recent years.

9. Clock

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In the present age, our every activity is set according to the time. We all have a fixed schedule for each task in our daily life. Everything will be disturbed and messed up if someone gets the clock out of our lives. One person shared that navigation would not be possible if we did not have any accurate measurement of time. The clock has made the world smaller and communication accessible for everyone.

10. Refrigeration

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If refrigeration were to disappear from your life, you could imagine how different products, especially edibles, would be unavailable. In addition to being economically beneficial, it offers a very convenient means of meeting dietary needs. A contributor mentioned the refrigerator as the game-changer invention of recent years. He further stated that it has radically transformed human life in different areas.

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