10 Things That Make You Ask, ‘Do People Really Do That?

Have you ever encountered an experience or a story that made you utter, “Wait, do people do that?” Yes, people do some things that are normal to some while being extremely abnormal to others. Get ready to dig through the world of the unbelievable, where human imagination has no boundaries and bounds.

We made you just a list of 10 jaw-dropping examples of people that will leave you scratching your head.

1. Gambling Apps

Gambling App
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Was real-life gambling not enough? Say Hello to online gambling apps where people are juggling with their money daily. A commenter said these apps are truly unbearable when people blindly trust these applications with their hard-earned money. She believes that the app has a built-in algorithm that can't be beaten, resulting in the players losing.

2. Eating Before Paying

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Have you ever seen someone simply grabbing eatables from the shop shelves and starting eating? People do these acts, and for some, this is unacceptable. A lady described her shopping experience when she saw an individual open a chips packet at the grocery store and eat. 

She believes it was insane for a grownup man to do this act, but what could we say? We can't argue with everyone.

3. Standing in a Cold Shower Before a Hot Shower

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Everyone has their shower story, but this lady had something interesting to share. She shared an unusual habit of her boyfriend that her boyfriend jumps into the shower before it's warmed up. Upon asking, he said that he just likes the cold water before the hot water comes and rewards him, and he can appreciate it more.

While some people are surprised by his habit, others accept it, considering it normal. What's your opinion?

4. Terms and Conditions

Man thinking about work.
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Have you ever read the lengthy terms and conditions? Well, no one does, but some read these. A commenter believes that reading these terms and conditions helps you understand what the company offers and what the company takes in return. He elaborates that in this way, one can make a wise decision before using the company's services.

5. Not Showering

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You might have met someone who didn't shower for weeks, but if you haven't met anyone till now, you're in luck. A commenter shared his experience of knowing a person who showers rarely, and his “not-showering” streak can extend to weeks or even months. Well, everyone has their own opinions and likings, how often do you shower?

6. Extreme Body Modifications

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Getting a tattoo or a piercing requires motivation and extreme measures, and it's usual to get tattoos or piercings in normal places, but some people like to challenge their bodies.

A lady finds it extremely unbearable when people do extreme body modifications such as piercings or tattoos that are just not normal and involve significant alterations to their bodies.

7. Eating Contests

Eating Contest
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Do people eat tons of hot dogs in minutes? Surprisingly, they do! Competitive eating contests have gained popularity worldwide, but they're bizarre and entertaining at the same time. An event manager shared that in such events, the contestants push their body limits and destroy our understanding of what a human body can endure. Astonishing, Right?

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8. Fire Walking

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Some consider it dumb, while for others, this is a real phenomenon practiced by many worldwide. An explorer described his experience of seeing this phenomenon. He saw participants walking across a bed of burning coals, demonstrating the power of mind over matter. We can't argue with this, can we?

9. Wife-carrying Championships

man carrying woman on beach
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This is a worldwide sport now but originated in Finland. What's the catch? Despite its name, this sport has nothing to do with wives. Men can carry any adult women willing as they will carry them through an obstacle course. Critics have mixed reviews on this reward; some praise it while others don't.

10. Train Surfing

The man was late for the train stands with his head down
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Do people do this? Yes, they do. In some parts of the world, thrill seekers take exploration to a whole different level by engaging in train surfing. An explorer believed that these sports should be banned as they often lead to accidents and even fatalities.

This support highlights the lengths to which some people will go to search for adventure.

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