10 Countries That Can’t Stand Each Other

The world, containing 193 countries, has confronted conflicts, trepidation, and battles since its existence. The rivalries among different nations around the globe resulted in icy standoffs because of a persistent history of racial, cultural, religious, and geopolitical differences.

These fierce rivalries were the reason the world dealt with Global conflicts and a never-ending detestation among countries. 

1. India and Pakistan

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India and Pakistan are born rivals. The tension is so intense that whether it's a cricket match or a natural disaster, the two countries blame each other for every single bit of a coin.

According to a contributor, Western countries do not have a glimpse of the catastrophe that the tension between both nuclear powers can bring. 

2. Palestine and Israel

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Palestine and Israel have been in combat since their birth. It all started because Jews consider Palestine as their ancestral homeland, and Palestinians have their religious roots devoted to Palestine.

One of the commenters added that Israel, being the strongest Middle Eastern country, is not on good terms with neighboring Muslim countries, particularly Palestine, but they can't do much. 

3. Iran and Israel

Freedom Monument known as Azadi Tower or Borj-e Azadi tower and cultural complex reflecting in a pond at sunset, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
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Iran is the biggest adversary of Israel among all Middle Eastern countries. The Middle East was a chaotic region in the past but held a significant geographical position and was rich in oil.

A respondent stated that Iran exhibited revulsion for Israel explicitly and is not on good terms with countries like Saudi Arabia, which reputed back door relations with Israel.

4. Russia and Ukraine

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After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Ukraine became an independent state. The Russians couldn't accept the reality, and severe conflict broke out when Russia launched a massive invasion program.

A commenter highlighted that Russians have been trying to abolish Ukraine for almost 300 years, and after the official strike flared up, Ukrainians were tortured and killed enormously.

5. Armenia and Azerbaijan

Spectacular summer view of the mountain village of Xinaliq (also known as Khinalug) located in the High Caucasus - highlight of Azerbaijan
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The conflict between Armenians and Azerbaijanis commenced when Azerbaijan was occupied, and locals were forced to leave their homes, testifying the slogan of ethnic cleansing.

Someone reported that almost 800,000 Azerbaijanis were evicted from their houses barefooted in cold winters during a genocide by Armenians. Most of them died of freezing, while others were shot to death.

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6. Turkey and Greece

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The rivalry between Greece and Turkey dates back to ancient historical times when Turks started to invade Greek territories. 

One commenter articulated that it's the longest-running grudge any two countries can witness. Another respondent added that it resulted from the Trojan Battles and Peloponnesian Battle fought between Greeks and Ottoman Turks. 

7. Japan and China

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China had the misfortune of being invaded by Japan. The atrocious treatment done by the Japanese served as a good reason for the Chinese to dislike them. Japan disappointed China in the past.

Someone expressed the trauma that her grandma faced. Her screams etch the memory of the monstrous act executed upon her by Japanese invaders.

8. USA and China

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The USA has been the sole leader of the world because of its socio-economic independence. However, China emerged as a leading economy on the world map, which is unacceptable to the US.

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A person indicated that China is beating the USA in many domains like technology, security, infrastructure, and commerce, rooted in deep rivalry between the two countries.

9. USA and Afghanistan

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The USA and Afghanistan's rivalry is legendary. Both countries remained in turmoil for almost two decades until the USA detached their military troops from Afghanistan. 

Someone elaborated that the USA wanted to implant democracy in Afghanistan but wanted it under the masquerade of fighting terrorism. They do this to make a puppet US government in Afghanistan.

10. UK and France

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The UK and France both exhibit deep-seated aversion. Their hostility dates back to hundreds of years ago when the British attacked France. However, the British did not succeed, and France remained an independent entity.

According to a sharer, France and the UK are more likely to have relationships of annoying siblings, but deep inside, the revulsion is still prevalent.

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