Is Fast-Food Still A Deal? These 10 Brands Are Not A Good Value Anymore

Brands are one of those things we all know something about. Many people love to buy brands because of the quality and experience they provide. Many other times, brands come with useless products. People buy such brands due to their unique marketing. Those are not only useless but also overpriced. Let's look at some brands people share online, which is a total waste of money.

1. Old Navy

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This is one of the most famous American brands. At first, their prices used to reflect the mediocre but good enough quality. Now they have got a good image in the public mind and due to this they have inflated their prices way beyond their worth. They market their products through lifestyle branding because it works. It is better not to spend $40 on a branded shirt that will pill and shrink after a few washes. The same goes with Gap and Banana Republic, low quality with high and inflated price rates. 

2. Zara

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Among many everyday purchases in Europe, Zara is one of them. But this brand is ridiculously expensive. Everyone who has encountered Zara agrees that they are expensive and do not even provide good quality. Americans are disgusted by its price and quality, calling their clothes Ugly. A commenter even said that Zara in the US is one of those brands which is designed to last for two washes before eventually winding up as ocean plastic.

3. Anything Jenner or Kardashian 

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You will be amazed to know that there are people who buy such stuff owned by them. They have got such overpriced things that don't even have any value. If you have ever used their stuff, you will know that it is just marketing which is running their business and not their quality. It is like the fact that influencers replaced TV commercials. Their things are definitely not worth your money.

4. Dr. Martens

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Dr. Martens is the most famous British sports brand selling sports foot wares and clothing. They used to have extraordinary quality, and they were so extremely expensive. Now they have lowered their quality, and their shoes don't last as much as they should. It's like you only pay for the brand name and not the quality foot ware.

5. Monster Cables

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The majority of people might have an experience with monster cables. These are the most used item at everyone's home. They are not only overpriced, but they are utterly garbage. A person who worked as an internet and cable operator says this is the main cause of internet and TV cable problems at home. They take it out as the first step to fix the issue. The monster cables had better quality in the 80s and 90s, but they are just a useless overpriced brand.

6. Edible Arrangements

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Fruits arranged and prepared in the chocolate coating are something extraordinary. If you get these edible arrangements from shops, you will definitely regret that. The reason behind this is: they are – without any doubt – expensive. The second and most important reason is they are not made of fresh and ripped fruits. The fruits will be either starting to ripe or going off. You can make them at home by yourself with a little bit of effort with fresh fruits.

7. McDonald's

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People agree that Mcdonald's used to be a cheaper meal but not anymore. There were times when you could have literally had Mcdonald's for a family of 5 for under $35-40. But now, it's nearly $10 a meal, and the food quality has not improved. Along with the food quality, the employee salary didn't go up.

8. Expensive Alcohol Brands

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The most noticeable thing you all need to learn is that the expensive drinks you buy at the clubs are completely different from the original ones. You can check this out by testing different brands at the clubs. You will find the branded ones taste the same as the cheap ones. It's because the club's bar refills the branded alcohol bottles with cheap vodka or something. A totally fake thing you often buy at clubs.

9. Beats by Dre

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You might have heard of this headphone brand. It has a different kind of hype among Americans mainly because of its brand name. It is overpriced and does not provide the quality they get paid for. People who tried these headphones in the store say it is garbage. You can think twice if you ever thought of getting these headphones due to their hype.

10. Merell 

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Merell is another overpriced American brand. It is famous because of the marketing strategies and tags they use. People fall for marketing and try out their overpriced products. As you use their shoes, you will know that they are just another brand charging for its name and not for quality. A person says he was so disappointed in Merells that he threw them out of the window after a few months and replaced them with three times cheaper shoes which worked better than Merells'.

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