These Warnings Your Parents Gave You Are Totally Fake

During our childhood, our parents cautioned us about the perils of different things, but as we matured, we discovered that some of those warnings were not entirely factual. Recently in a discussion on an online platform, several people have shared some of the common warnings parents give their children that turned out to be completely bogus.

1. The Truth About Your ‘Permanent Record': Childhood Warning Debunked

As a child, their parents constantly warned the first user about the importance of maintaining a clean “permanent record.” However, as they grew older, they realized that this was nothing more than a myth. Despite the countless warnings they received, they never encountered any mention of a “permanent record” from college admissions officers, employers, or loan officers.

2. Break Free From Limited Thinking: Beyond Harvard and McDonald's

A person reminisces about their parents' narrow definition of success, which offered only two possibilities – Harvard or McDonald's. But as they matured, they discovered that many other paths could lead to success and fulfillment. They learned that life is full of endless possibilities and opportunities.

3. Left-Handedness and Cultural Beliefs: Unveiling a Childhood Memory

Growing up as a left-handed child, another user was forced to use their right hand by their father. Constantly being smacked whenever they reached for something with their left hand, they later questioned their father's reasoning. Despite his vague explanation that left-handedness causes a tendency to pull towards oncoming traffic, the user now suspects this is a cultural belief with no basis in reality.

4. The Misconstrued Panic Button in Cars: Childhood Warning Gone Wrong

During their childhood, someone's parents cautioned them about pushing the red button with a triangle in the car, insisting that it would result in all the doors flying off. However, they later discovered that this button was nothing more than a panic button to alert authorities in an emergency. The doors, of course, remained securely attached to the car.

5. Cursive Handwriting: Overrated Skill or Job Requirement?

Imagine growing up being told that your future employment prospects hinged on your writing ability in cursive. That's precisely what one individual recalls, with their parents and teachers drumming in the idea that being unable to write in a fancy, cursive script would render them unemployable. They were led to believe that every job interview would involve a cursive test where the loops on their alphabets would be carefully examined. However, as they grew older, they realized that this was just another baseless myth.

6. Shampoo and Conditioner Myth: Childhood Warning Without Merit

Do you remember being warned as a kid that using different shampoo and conditioner brands would cause your luscious locks to fall out? A particular user in the thread certainly does, with their parents instilling a fear of hair loss in them should they dare to mix up their hair care routine. As they grew older, they realized this was nothing more than an old wives' tale with no scientific basis.

7. Exploding Cars and Turn Signals: Childhood Warning Gone Too Far

As a child, a fellow user recollects asking their mother what would occur if the car took a divergent route than the one indicated by the turn signal. Shockingly, their mother told them the car would explode and kill them. This perplexed the user why their mother would say something so frightening and untrue.

8. Unscrewing Belly Buttons: Bizarre Childhood Warning Exposed

During childhood, an individual was cautioned by their parents that if they unscrewed their belly button, their backside would separate from their body. This strange warning caused them to avoid screwdrivers for fear of losing their bum. Despite their fear, they were also intrigued by the possibility of the warning being true.

9. Haunted House Warning: Scare Tactic or Bathroom-Less Nightmare?

A haunted house warning from their parents has stuck with another individual, as they were advised not to enter due to the possibility of the absence of restrooms. The fear of being trapped in a spooky place without a restroom made them anxious and hesitant to enter haunted houses. As they grew older, they realized this warning was a silly and unfounded fear.

10. Debunking the Dried Ramen and Deathly Illness Warning

Growing up, their mom told the fina user that eating the pack's loose pieces of dried ramen would make them deathly ill. However, they continued to eat them without any issues. Years later, their dad gave their mom a confused look when she repeated this warning, proving this was another unfounded myth.

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