10 Things About Women Men Will Never Get

Men always say women are hard to understand. So we asked men of Reddit, what are the top 10 things that confuse you about women? Here's what they said.

1. Why Are Your Feet Always Cold?

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One user commented, “My wife, in general though, she's always so cold. I'm here in a t-shirt, hot and sweaty, while she's wearing like 20 bathrobes and she's cold. She would go like, ” Feel my hands,” then proceeds to touch my face or back, like unhand me you banshee of the night with your black magic.”

2. Why Shower in Scalding Hot Water?

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One user stated, “I had no idea how cold my shower water actually was until I showered with a woman. It was life-changing.” “Why must you feel the pain to feel cleansed?” another user asked. A third user answered, “The water temperature feels different when you are farther away from the shower head, so what feels hot at 6′ feels less hot at 5′.”

3. How Do Things Magically Appear for Them?

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One user claimed, “One time I asked my wife “babe have you seen…” and before I could even finish what I was looking for, she said, “it's between your nightstand and the wall.” So she knew I was looking for my wallet before I told her, and it had fallen behind my nightstand.”

4. Why Do You Wax Your Eyebrows Just To Draw Them Back On?

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I doubt anyone in your life that isn't you personally really cares how your eyebrows look. So, why put yourself through needless pain and spend two hours putting them back on?

5. How Can You Talk on the Phone for Hours?

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One user asked, “How can you talk to your mom on the phone for multiple hours weekly? My dad calls me when he needs me to order something on Amazon for him, and that's about it.”

“It's a completely alien concept to me. It's not something I ever want to do, and I have no idea what to even talk about when people call me.” Another user replied.

6. Why Do You Need So Many Pillows?

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One user joked, “There's barely room for me in the bed with my wife, two dogs, at least one but up to three cats, and sometimes one and a half pillows.”

Another user said, “It makes no sense. We had half of our bed covered in pillows when its made. When we sleep in it, we use two between us, so the show pillows end up on the floor.

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7. Why Do They Ask Questions When Watching a Show or Movie?

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“Even if you have seen it and she hasn't, watch the movie because about 99% of what you ask will be explained. Probably right while you are asking.” joked one user.

Another user questioned, “On top of that. My wife also demands spoilers if I have seen the movie or show. Do you want me to tell you about it, so you don't have to watch?”

8. Why Do You Ask for Opinions?

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One user shared, “That thing they do when they've already made a decision but ask you for your opinion anyway and then tell you your opinion is wrong if you come to a different conclusion to her.”

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“It makes you feel like they don't actually value your opinion at all,” another user confessed. “After ten years of marriage, she wonders why I rarely express my opinion about anything that doesn't directly affect me.”

9. How Can You Be Mad About a Dream?

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One user commented, “I woke up once to being kicked out of bed by my ex because I angered her off so much in her dream she couldn't sleep next to me. To say I was confused is an understatement.”

Another user shared, “How can she have a dream where I cheated on her, and she wakes up mad at me? Like, I'm sorry, I guess?”

10. How Do You Lose So Much Hair?

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“I've lived with a good friend five times over the past 15 years I've known her. I genuinely do not understand how she isn't bald. I would find her long blonde hair in my stuff months after we stopped living together.” One user asked.

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