10 Things Boomers and Millennials Hate About Gen Z

As each generation passes, there is a gap between the old and the young. Baby boomers and millennials have a lot to say about the latest generation, Gen Z. From their communication skills to their fashion sense; it's clear that some older folks have a few bones to pick. Recently on an online platform, people have shared several things that Boomers and Millennials hate about Gen Z, as expressed by various commenters.

1. Criticism Over Gen Z's TikTok Trends

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Some have criticized Gen Z for the bizarre TikTok trends they popularize. From the “Renegade” dance to the “Buss It” challenge, some have labeled the dance moves and challenges as absurd and even nonsensical. For some, witnessings the younger generation's obsession with such a trend can be cringe-worthy.

2. Different Generations, Different Expressions of Fun

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The older generations have always been known to have certain expectations of the younger ones. One such expectation was hilariously expressed by an individual when they quipped, “Where's your skateboard and loud music?” This person humorously reminisced about the good old days when people used to carry boom boxes around and make noise. They couldn't help but wonder why the current generation of young people isn't doing the same thing. It's funny how different generations have different ways of expressing themselves and having fun.

3. Gen Z's Communication Skills in Question

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A wise observer has noticed that the young whippersnappers of Gen Z are lacking in the communication department. Sure, they may be wizards with their tech gadgets, but when it comes to good old-fashioned face-to-face interactions, they can't seem to get the hang of it. To succeed both in the workforce and life, this seasoned veteran believes that Gen Z needs to focus on developing strong interpersonal skills. 

4. Gen Z's Thrift and Environmental Consciousness

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Are you tired of Gen Z's obsession with thrift and vintage clothes, making it harder to find affordable hidden gems? Well, one disgruntled individual is! But before you dismiss the younger generation, this person also props them for their impressive environmental consciousness. Let's give credit where credit is due, folks!

5. Influencer Overload on Social Media

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Influencer overload! That's what one commenter is fed up with regarding Gen Z's social media habits. They argue that the younger generation must be more selective with who they follow and promote on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. While every generation has its fair share of questionable public figures, this commenter believes that Gen Z has taken it to a whole new level.

6. Nostalgia for Phone-Free Experiences

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Don't you miss the good old days when you could go to a concert or party without everyone and their grandma filming on their phones? Well, according to one old millennial, Gen Z needs to know what they're missing out on. While they don't hate the younger generation, they do feel sorry for them for not getting to experience the full immersion of being in the moment without a cell phone in hand.

7. Phone Dependence and Safety Concerns

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Heads up! The dependence on phones is becoming a major safety concern with Gen Z. That's according to one high school employee who's witnessed countless instances of students being completely unaware of their surroundings due to their phone usage. While technology is an amazing tool, this commenter reminds us that situational awareness is still essential for our safety.

8. Gender Identity and Vaping: Controversial Topics

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These are two hot topics that have the Gen Z generation buzzing. But only some people are thrilled about the obsession. While the younger generation is praised for their open-mindedness and acceptance of different genders, some see it as a trend being taken too far. And the popularity of vaping is a cause for concern for many, as it can lead to serious health issues.

9. 90S Hip Hop Fans: Gen Z's Music Doesn't Measure Up

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Calling all 90s hip-hop fans! Do you feel like today's rap and hip-hop music doesn't hold a candle to the golden era of the 90s? Well, one user feels your pain! They're fed up with any rapper who's been relevant for only two years being labeled as the “greatest of all time.” But don't worry; they end their rant lightheartedly with a quip about taking their Centrum Silver multivitamin.

10. Gen Z's Need for Higher Voter Turnout

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When it comes to voter turnout, Gen Z still has some catching up to do. Despite being praised for their activism and engagement in social issues, this younger generation needs to catch up to other age groups regarding voter participation. One user urges Gen Z to take a page from the book of older evangelicals and turn out in larger numbers if they want to make a real difference.

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