10 Things Men Get to Do That Women May Never Experience

While we have made great strides toward equality in recent years, sexism will always exist. Men will always have male privilege, as well as women having women privilege.

While some of these on the list will take longer to correct, can we give women some pockets already?

1. Feeling Safe Alone

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“I would like to feel safer walking alone at night,” says one user. While some could argue this as it's only perceived that they feel safe, in reality, even men don't like walking alone at night as they could easily be taken off guard as well.

Another user says, “I got away with a few night strolls alone as a reckless teen. Though I mostly stuck to the main traffic streets. Yes, I'd like to be able to walk along confidently in the dead of the night. It is very enjoyable.”

2. Pockets

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One woman states, “Pockets in all pants!” It's an old joke among women; they want pockets and get incredibly excited when they find a pair of pants or even a skirt or dress with pockets.

Still, it is impossible to find these items with pants. It makes one wonder why the world's designers aren't listening to this demand.

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3. Not Being Harassed

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One woman says, “Not having a fear of being harassed on the streets, at work, at home, at school, at a club, and that I'm able to be polite and kind to everyone without it meaning I'm flirting with every single person.”

4. Be Able to Just Hang Out

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After you have a great date, sometimes you want to talk still and get to know the person. One woman explains why this is hard, “I'd like to invite dates to come chill at my place (or to go to his place) to sit and chat without a very strong fear of being taken advantage of.”

5. Doctors Listening to Them

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“Being listened to by my doctors would be nice.” says one woman. Another states, “Overall, the female healthcare is set so far back, the position we give birth in is insanely inconvenient for everyone except doctors, and we are less likely to get painkillers or anesthesia when requested.”

A third woman chimed in, “Female healthcare is an absolute shambles. It's not based on female needs but on convenience and society, which is ludicrous! Bad period? You'll manage. Want an IUD? Well, be prepared for pain, not discomfort, and we won't give you any painkillers even though men get painkillers for vasectomies.”

6. Being Able To Enjoy My “Girly” Things

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One woman says, “I'd like not to get made fun of for my interests based on my gender if I like crafting, puppies and kittens, and romantic comedies. I don't like being made fun of because I like those things, and I have known plenty of guys who like them as well.”

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7. Be Taken Seriously

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“Men are taken more seriously in most fields, especially intelligence or strength-based fields,” explains one woman. “Most people who compliment women are other women states one woman. So, men can start praising each other more, too, as women do. That's an option.”

8. Be Able to Gain Weight Without Shame

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One woman proclaims, “Men are not body shamed the way women are. I would like it if women weren't shamed for putting on weight, especially after childbirth. We shouldn't have to go to the gym or take up yoga to be considered attractive.”

9. Express Myself Without Hearing Why Men Have It Worse

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The question presented was what privilege women would want that men have. While it should be acknowledged that both sexes have their own privileges, the topic was supposed to be for women.

One woman points out, “I came here to see what others said and maybe chime in, but I saw a lot of men posting about how women have privileges too. No one said they didn't, but men sure know how to make a topic about women somehow about them.”

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10. Not Being Told They're Emotional

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“While at a party, I had a man bump my arm that was holding a glass of red wine. The wine spilled, just a little, but it hit on a light part of the rug,” one man explained. “The first to notice was the husband. Furious, he started screaming at me, so everyone turned towards us.”

“This drew the attention of his wife. She walked over, calming but demanding that I buy a new rug or pay to have this one cleaned. While I have no problem with either option, what I noticed after these encounters were discouraging.”

The man continues, “The other guest had no care that the husband yelled at me but had some snarky comments about the woman who demanded a new rug, the woman was mad as well, and despite that, she didn't yell. That's what stuck in their head. So somehow the take was “she was being irrational,” and the man yelling was not.”

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