10 Surprising Things Men Say Women Will Never Understand

Have you ever heard the phrase “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”? Well, sometimes, this cosmic divide can lead to some hilarious misunderstandings! But fear not because the internet is here to save the day. Recently, some brave souls shared their perspectives on things that men claim women will never understand. Let's dive in and see what insights we can gain!

1. The Joy of Urinals: A Man's Perspective

One user marveled at the convenience and simplicity of the urinal, which is something they believe women will never understand. According to them, the ability to pee while standing up is a luxury that men have that woman can't experience. The user explained that urinals are often found in public restrooms, making it easy for men to relieve themselves without waiting in long lines. 

2. Sticky Situation: Dealing With Balls and Leg Sticking

Have you ever heard of the annoyance of sticky balls? According to one man's experience, it's a feeling that no woman could possibly comprehend. He explained that when it's hot outside or after a workout, men's testicles can stick to their legs and cause discomfort. To alleviate this discomfort, men have to re-adjust themselves frequently. The user suggested that women can't understand this issue since they don't have the same anatomy as men.

3. Dirty Dishes and Observation Skills: A Misunderstanding Between Men and Women

The third user made a surprising confession – when his wife brings up household chores like dirty dishes or overflowing trash, he doesn't exactly interpret it as a direct request for him to tackle them. Instead, he appreciates that his wife is observant and notices these things around the house. It doesn't necessarily make him feel obligated to complete these tasks; rather, he views it as a shared responsibility to maintain their home.

4. “Nothing” Means Two Things: The Complexities of Men's Thoughts

One user's explanation for the age-old mystery of men claiming they're thinking about nothing is mind-blowing. It could either be a legit lack of thoughts or simply a reluctance to share the bizarre, space pirate-themed inner monologue currently playing out in their head. Women may not understand this tendency to let their minds wander and indulge in fantastical ideas.

5. In and Out: Summarizing a Man's Day in 30 Seconds

According to one participant, men have a secret superpower – the ability to summarize their entire day in a mere 30 seconds. On the other hand, women tend to give more detailed accounts of their day, including everything that happened, from the trivial to the significant. Men, however, feel this is unnecessary and often wonder why women need to provide so much detail.

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6. The Thrill of Destruction: A Male Fascination

For men, the thrill of random destruction can be just as exhilarating, offering a much-needed release from the pressures of everyday life. While it may seem baffling to some women, it's simply a way for men to blow off some steam and unleash their inner warrior. This doesn't necessarily mean that men are destructive by nature, but they find pleasure in breaking or blowing things up, especially when stressed or angry. 

7. Lost in Thought: Why Men Stare Into Nothingness

Ever caught a man staring into the abyss for ages and wondered what was happening in his head? According to one person, this behavior is more common than you might think, and women often find it baffling. Guys use this time to reflect or indulge in daydreaming, and it's a tried-and-tested way to unwind. Conversely, women tend to be more inclined towards juggling multiple tasks and keeping themselves occupied during downtime.

8. The Threat of Being Perceived as a Threat: A Man's Worry

A user confided that they are concerned about appearing intimidating to others, particularly women, which causes them to worry. He explained that he has to be mindful of the distance he keeps when walking behind a woman to avoid being perceived as a potential stalker or predator. He often needs to cross the street or pick up his pace to overtake the woman to ensure she feels safe and comfortable. This is a concern that many men share but may not often vocalize.

9. Asleep but in Love: Understanding Men's Need for Sleep

Did you know that some women have the misconception that when men drift off to sleep, it means they're no longer interested or have lost affection for their partner? A user shared this intriguing observation recently. The user explains that this is not the case and that men tend to fall asleep easily and quickly after physical intimacy. It doesn't mean they don't love or care for their partner, but rather that they are tired and need rest.

10. Catching Up on Social Skills: Why Men Don't Pick Up on Facial Expressions

Have you ever wondered why some men seem to miss subtle facial expressions? Well, one user sheds some light on this common issue. He suggests that while girls were developing their social skills during elementary school, boys were occupied with more physical activities like throwing rocks and getting into fights. As a result, men tend to need to catch up in this aspect of social development and catch up to women's social game.

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