10 Things People Pretend No One Does, but Really Everyone Does It

We all have our quirks, habits, and behaviors that we tend to keep to ourselves. Some of these things might be embarrassing, while others are things we don't discuss. However, the truth is that many of these things are actually quite common, and most of us are doing them without even realizing it. Recently on an online platform, people have shared things that people pretend no one does, but in reality, everyone does them. 

1. Mind Games: Fabricating Scenarios in Our Heads

Many people admit to engaging in a common behavior: creating imaginary scenarios in their minds. This is something that people may not talk about openly, but in reality, it is a common occurrence. Whether it's imagining a conversation with a crush or visualizing a different outcome to a past event, creating fictional scenarios is a common way for people to escape from the present moment.

2. The Silent Fart Dilemma: Everyone's Struggle

Do you ever try to let out a silent fart in a room full of people? You're not alone! A fellow gas concealer shared the all-too-common experience of trying to suppress their bodily functions in fear of being caught. It can lead to some hilarious facial expressions and body contortions that we can all relate to.

3. Appearance-Based Judgements: The Unspoken Bias

We all do it, but nobody wants to talk about it – making snap judgments about others based on their appearance. It's a common behavior that happens in a split second and often subconsciously. From race and gender to clothing and hairstyles, we form opinions without even realizing it.

4. Grocery Store Hovering: Waiting for the Way to Clear

Have you ever found yourself pretending to browse other items in a grocery store while waiting for someone to move out of the way? It'sMany of us has been in an awkward but all-too-relatable situation. It's just one of those things that we don't like to admit to doing.

5. The Illusion of Efficiency: Judging Others' Performance

We all have high expectations for ourselves and those around us, but sometimes we set the bar too high. A keen observer pointed out that many people convince themselves that everyone is functioning at maximum efficiency, which can lead to disappointment when expectations aren't met. It's a common behavior that can frustrate and let us down.

6. The Card Cash Pretense: “Oh, I Didn't See That There…”

Money can be an awkward topic, especially when it falls out of a card. A crafty individual shared a funny habit of pretending not to notice the money to avoid any awkwardness. It's a relatable experience that can bring a smile to anyone's face.

7. Above Average Illusion: The Intelligence Bias

We all like to think we're above average intelligence, but the reality is that half of us are below average. It's called the “illusory superiority” or the “above-average effect,” and it's a common cognitive bias that many of us fall victim to.

8. The Vocabulary Look-Up: Don't Get Lost in the Conversation

Have you ever pretended to know what someone was talking about when you really didn't? A clever conversationalist admits to secretly looking up words they don't understand after a conversation to avoid appearing ignorant. It's a common habit that many of us can relate to.

9. The Dark Thoughts: “Am I a Secret Psychopath?”

Intrusive thoughts can be scary, but they're actually a normal part of being human. A curious individual shared their experience of questioning whether they might be a psychopath because of these thoughts. But rest assured, having them doesn't mean you're a psychopath – it's a common experience many of us have.

10. Conversational Dress Rehearsal: Playing Out the Dialogue

Before important events, many of us have a habit of rehearsing conversations in our heads. We play out different scenarios and responses to feel more prepared and confident. It's a common mental exercise that can help us easily tackle significant interactions.

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Source: Reddit


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