10 Things That Men Don’t Realize Makes Them Insanely Unattractive

A man can be extremely attractive but has a personality trait that is just an immediate turn-off. Here are the top 10 things women say they find insanely unattractive in men.

1. Being an Absentee Father

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One user stated, “Anyone who knowingly dates an absentee father is no better than the absentee father. If you don't have time for your kid, then you don't have time to date.”

“I also get turned off if they complain about paying child support or act like child support goes to fund their ex's lavish lifestyle. That is rarely the case.” Another user replied.

2. Telling Dirty Jokes Too Soon

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One user explained, “I had a guy in the same driving class. He was a bit goofy and odd but friendly enough. He asked for my number, and I was all good about it. But he immediately texted me dirty jokes, and we weren't friends like that.”

“So, I turned down a date with him because I felt like if he could jump straight into dirty jokes with a near stranger, a date with him would be even more uncomfortable. So, don't bother if you're not friends like that.”

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3. Thinking They Are Better

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One user said, “When they genuinely think they are so much better than everyone around them, actively go out of their way to remind everyone else how pitiful and useless they are all the time, and refuse to accept any viewpoint or opinion that isn't their own.”

4. Saying They're an Alpha Male

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“I have always felt if someone calls himself alpha, it immediately becomes clear to me they are not and have no idea what it actually is.” stated one user.

“Instead, they use it as a cop-out for their bad behavior. Strong males know they have the strength to shoulder their burden with enough left over to lift others. We all know those yelling alpha the loudest are the weakest among us.”

5. When They Cant Take Care of Themselves

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” Not being able to cook or clean.” One user explained. “Those are life skills. I don't think you need to be a master chef or have an immaculate house. You need to know your way around the kitchen and not live in filth.”

6. Having Poor Hygiene

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One user said, “I once went back to this super attractive guy's house only to find his pillow was a pillowcase filled with dirty clothes.” Another user shared, “If you have the odor of the next garbage dump, you shouldn't be around other people.”

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7. When It's All About Them

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One user explained, “When they spend most of a conversation talking about themselves, and when you think it's finally your turn to speak, they still manage to turn the conversation back to themselves.”

8. Making Everything Inappropriate

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“My legs are sore from the first leg workout I've done in months because I had an injury and surgery,” explains one user,” then he replies, maybe if I kissed your legs, they'd feel better. ”

“It's so tiring. I'm all for flirting, but it's so tiring when trying to have a normal conversation, and it always gets flipped to something inappropriate.”

9. Being Insecure About Themselves

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One user suggested, “Don't compare yourself to others. Instead, own your flaws and strong points. Take compliments, receive kindness, and don't make everything about how bad you are. It's off-putting and makes people not want to do anything nice. We all have insecurities, don't make that your identity, though.”

10. Checking Out Other Women in Front of You

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“There's a difference between a casual glance at someone's flaunted assets and staring or other actively engaged looking.” One user explained.

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Another user replied, “When you do this, you don't care about the feelings of the other person, or you are just not interested in the person you are dating. When someone is obviously doing this more than once, there is no way it isn't a bad sign.”

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